13 Ways to Create Your Own Lucky ’13

When I was young, each New Year I faithfully made a list of New Year’s resolutions, which just as faithfully, I would never accomplish. As I got older I decided to forgo these resolutions and started to come up with “mottos” for each year based on the number and what rhymed with it. For example, “no more in’04″ and “get more done in ’11.”

So, when I started to see 2013 being referred to as “Lucky ’13″ in the media and amongst my friends, I figured I would change it up this year and go with the lucky part.

My idea is to do good for my community and the environment, and that in turn would give me some good karma and do good for me. Here’s a list of some of the things I think will help me towards having a “Lucky ’13.” Note however, that while I cannot actually guarantee that you will have a lucky 2013, I can guarantee that the earth, those you help, and you, will all feel better if you do some of these things.

  • Grow your own food, and plant an extra row for the hungry.
  • Plant a garden for somebody you love, or somebody in need, and include ongoing maintenance.
  • Beautify your community. Plant seed bombs, plant trees, or create or join a guerilla gardening project and encourage others to do the same.
  • Share your garden bounty. Deliver fresh produce to those in need and deliver fresh flowers to local nursing homes and hospitals.
  • Plant a public fruit orchard, or make your own fruit trees available to those who need the food.
  • Glean or pick excess or unwanted fruit and vegetables to help the hungry. Get involved with a local organization like the awesome Food Forward near me in Los Angeles, or just glean unwanted fruit from a neighbor or neighbor’s trees.
  • Support those who grow your food. I cannot write about this one enough. Local farmers mean local food and they need to make a living. You can even help those who have served their country and who grow food by donating to the Farmer-Veteran Coalition. Help them heal while they feed both themselves and us.
  • Shop at your local farmers’ market. This not only helps local farmers, but supports the local economy. An added benefit is that you get a wide variety of choices and the freshest food around.
  • Support farmland preservation organizations like American Farmland Trust and Farm Aid that work to make it possible for farmers to stay on their land.
  • Join or support your local community garden and national organizations that support them.
  • Help stop the spread of GMOs  and support non-treated food and seeds. Donate or get involved with organizations fighting for GMO labeling. Have a seed swap or join a seed library.
  • Teach others, including your children, friends and family, about organic food and organic gardening.
  • Shop and support local businesses to support the local economy, local job creation, and to help the environment.

Happy 2013 everyone! May your next year be full of luck and sustainably-grown food!





Latoya Brookins
Latoya Brookins4 years ago

Does having a personally stocked survival kit count? It'll come in handy for the other survivors that are with me. I'll be the one that has a duffle bag full of bandages, band aids, hydrogen peroxide, rubbing alcohol, cotton swabs, ankle supports, rope, etc)

Latoya Brookins
Latoya Brookins5 years ago

I wonder if I should create a new Lucky 13 or cross off some of the things that could already count towards this.

Go vegan. Check.
Have my dog go vegan. Check.
Recycle. Check.
Buy bags instead of using paper or plastic. Check.
Shop at a farmer's market. Check.
Shop at second-hand stores. Check.
Sign petitions and share on Facebook and/or Twitter. Check.

Some of the things I can put on my list:

1. Implement recycling program at work.
2. Cook vegan food for potlucks.
3. Take my dog to the park every day.
4. Film the animal rights/environmentalism documentary I always planned.
5. Self-publish the book series I keep writing and then deleting and donate 40% of the proceeds.
6. Create or join a local eco/animal rights organization and be active.

Maria L.
Maria L5 years ago

Thank you. I will try do something from the list.

Ram Reddy
Ram Reddy5 years ago

Thanks Judi

Elizabeth O.
Elizabeth O5 years ago

Voted: 'yes'.

Christine Jones
Christine J5 years ago

Good advice.

Cynthia H.
Cynthia H5 years ago

My lucky 13 is my animal activism. I am active with a local rescue, as well as walking dogs at the SPCA as well as protesting at circuses, fur stores, etc. I sign hundreds of petitions a week a month and write many, many letters.

Linda R.
Linda R5 years ago

Thank you. Can't wait for spring to start planting.

Margaret M. F.
Marge F5 years ago

Thank-you for the interesting post.

Margaret M. F.
Marge F5 years ago

Thank-you for the interesting post.