14 Beautiful Tree Branch Crafts

Spring is here, and in a lot of places that means blustery days. Have those spring winds felled some tree branches in your neighborhood? Harvest some of that fallen lumber and get crafty! We’ve got 14 tree branch crafts, and there are projects here for every skill level.

We have a huge tree in front of our house, so any time the wind picks up our little front yard becomes littered with branches. It only took me a few weeks of stepping over and around fallen tree limbs to realize that I could use some of this beautiful wood to make some tree branch crafts. I’m not much of a wood worker, so I tend to go for the simple when it comes to tree branch crafts.

Many of these projects require few to no tools to complete. For the handier among you, though, there are a few projects that will let you dip into your stash of power tools to make something beautiful.

14 Tree Branch Crafts

1. Garland Wall Hanging - Extend the life of your cut flowers by turning them into a beautiful wall garland. They dry out as they hang, so the look of this piece changes beautifully over time.

2. Paper Heart Streamers – Not a cut flower fan? Use reclaimed paper to make a hanging wall garland instead.

3. Branch Centerpiece – Who says it has to be Valentine’s Day to display this lovely natural centerpiece on your table?

4. Make Clothes Pin MagnetsThese pretty bundles of branches use clothes pins as the backing, so you can keep important papers in check and look cute doing it.

5. Candle Holders – Wood plus fire might not seem like the best combination, but don’t worry! Tea lights come in a metal cup, so there’s a layer of protection between the flame and your fallen branch.

6. Organize Your Necklaces – Check out this tutorial for a simple necklace holder made from a fallen tree branch.

Tree Branch Crafts: Crayon Holder

7. Make a Crayon Holder – Got a large branch on your hands? Grab those power tools and use it to store your kid’s crayons, markers, and pencils!

8. Cherry Blossom Branch – Combine a fallen branch with an old egg carton to make pretty cherry blossom wall art!

9. DIY Vase – Fallen branches and an old mason jar combine to make a sweet rustic vase.

10. Homemade Side Table – Transform an old storage box into a beautiful side table with wood slices from fallen tree branches.

11. Tree Branch Art – Update a thrifted or yard sale picture frame into a piece of natural art.

12. Wood Slice Garden Path – Create a magical walkway through your garden with slices of fallen wood.

13. Candelabra – This tutorial uses driftwood, but a large tree branch would also work well.

14. Deck Out a Lamp – Add some rustic flair to an old lamp with some fallen branches.

Crayon Holder photo by Julie Finn

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Carrie-Anne Brown

love the necklace holder idea, thanks for sharing :)

Janice Thompson
Janice Thompson3 years ago

Be sure all bugs, creepy crawleys, and debris have been removed before working with or giving.

Natasha Salgado
Past Member 3 years ago

Good ideas-thanks

Ann B.
Ann B3 years ago

I really like the one with the steps of wood in the garden - really earth feeling

Elena T.
Elena Poensgen3 years ago

Thank you :)

Marian A.
Marian A3 years ago

Bouquets of branches

matt gowty
matt gowty3 years ago

I love branch crafts :D I couldn't get the link for the branch candelabra to work for me unfortunately :( I really need to get a drill lol.

Lady Kaira
None None3 years ago

cool thanks

Bron Mitchell
Bron Mitchell3 years ago

I love branch crafts :) I've added this to the list to play with later :)

Bethany Bekolay
Bethany Bekolay3 years ago