14 Pieces of Handmade or Upcycled Dishware

Getting a little tired of the same ol’ coffee mugs and dinner plates in your kitchen? Had the same serving dishes for ages now but still not ready to replace the whole shebang? Spice things up with a piece of handmade or upcycled dishware! A popular trend now on the handmade and vintage scene, upcycled vintage and brand new handmade plates, coffee cups and bowls are popping up all over places like Etsy and your local craft shows. You don’t need a full set of funky dinnerware, just a couple of pieces to mix and match with your already useful set. Find something that you love and you’ll find yourself reaching for it everytime you open those pantry doors!

Here is fourteen of my favorite recent pieces, all available for order online.

These perfect little bowls are great for individual servings of yogurt and strawberries. They feel lovely and light in the hand, and bring such pleasure each time you take one out of the cabinet. Bonus: feel free to use this every day as it is dishwasher and microwave safe! (Jill Rosenwald, $60)

These wonderful pie plates are made from high fire stoneware and are very durable. Bake your next pie in your favorite color! All colors have the inside blue seen in the orange on top in the photos. You can choose which outside color you would like. Measures approximately 101/2-11″. Oven safe. (Leslie Freeman Designs, $48)

These two lovely wine glasses, perfect for sipping red wines, are hand painted with a combination of a rose pattern and mosaic style of painting glass. The roses are made with simple strokes which reveal a fully blossomed rose. Surrounding them are dark green leaves which are painted in a mosaic tile structure. These design allows light and liquid to interact with the art, making the set all the more unique. The rose bush design is located on a different section of each glass so that the glasses are distinguishable yet still a harmonious set. This particular set is created with roses that vary in the colors magenta, pink, and white. (MeKu, $40 for a set of two)

In this lovely and original tea set you will find a handpainted teacup and saucer, a handpainted teapot and a matching side plate. They all feature the La vie en rose Parisian design and are painted in a vivid magenta, pale pink and mint green color scheme. The items are very carefully painted and decorative with a matching rose flower and leaf motif. They are inspired by a trip to Paris and the famous love song ”La vie en rose” by Edith Piaf. The teapot features some of the lyrics translated into english “…give your heart and soul to me and life will always be la vie en rose …”(Betty Raspberry, $98)

Each of these white plates is stamped with the lines: “work and pray, feed on hay, you’ll eat pie, in the sky, when you die.” These are seconds from a series of plates for Mission Pie and the text has been somewhat clouded over by the glaze, as seen in the photos. Their price has been discounted to reflect this. Measurements: 5.5″, the perfect size for a slice of pie! Plates are food-, microwave-, and dishwasher-safe. They can also be used in a non-preheated oven. (Zebest Pottery, $34)

Set of two big cups, ideal for serving soup – or what else your imagination allows! Approximate measures of each one: 13 cm of diameter (5.12 inchs), 10 cm high (3.9 inchs). The mugs are 100 percent hand painted with glossy finish, and they are dishwasher and microwave safe! (Zuppa Atelier, $60 for set of two)

Show off your southern sass with these redneck wine glasses! You don’t need to be a redneck to like these glasses, but a sense of humor helps. These aren’t just for wine either; they can be used for beer, lemonade, tea or any other beverage of your choosing. These glasses are hand painted according to your color choices and there are many to choose from (EVEN metallic). You can dress up or dress down your wine glasses to your liking and be the hit of the party. (MOP Designs, $40 for set of four)

Porcelain sugar bowl with lid, hand painted with a combination of golden honey combs and bee designs as well as a rose bush design. A golden honeycomb pattern is hand painted along an outer section of the lid and the bowl’s rim. The look is so delicate it appears like lace. Patches of rose bushes are scattered around the sugar bowl in the following pastal hues: red/orange, marigold, pink, beige, and white. The leaves add accents of dark green. For a little whimsy and life, little silver winged bees are painted to fly about, making their way from the flowers to the honey combs. The metallic silver from the bees’ wings and the gold from the honey combs look beautiful amongst the white porcelain and the blushing roses. This sugar bowl is a sweet way to serve your guests in artistic style though it can also simply be a decorate piece for your home. (MeKu, $48)

These precious cups are the PERFECT gift for all the couples in your life, or for you and your sweetie! Even though they are a Wee Bit Smaller (about 12 ounces) than the designers “normal” sized Mugs (20+ ounces), they pack a huge punch of cuteness. You can pick any two words you like to put on the mugs – it doesn’t have to be the “you” and “me” pictured — though I think that’s a great choice if you’re stumped. (Love Art Works, $72 for two)

I recently discovered this shop at the LA Renegade Craft Show and picked up this hilarious mug. This triceratops seems to be a displaced Englishman (Britisaur?). At least now he can start that collection of tiny Eiffel Towers that he always wanted. Mugs are hand-fired, and the designers recommend washing and handling with care. (Besides Dying, $12)

I met Rae and her work nearly seven years ago at a craft show in Atlanta. Back then, she made mostly ceramic art to hang on your walls, and I still have a piece of hers hanging next to my bedroom door. Now, she has an Etsy shop full of amazing kitchen dinnerware that I’m falling for! This handmade porcelain plate has a handwritten calligraphy decal of a famous Tao Te Ching quote. Microwave and dishwasher safe. (Rae Dunn, $42)

The Hold Me Mug is a drinking mug designed to fit uniquely into the users hand by providing touch points that encourage the user to wrap his or her hands around the piece for a warm, comfortable drinking experience. This mug can hold 10 ounces of liquid for a substantial drink or can be used as a small bowl. (J Fish Designs, $40)

Made with love in New Zealand! Reworked vintage English Royal Albert sturdy bone china mug, bigger than a teacup featuring a green edge worn with age, teamed with a Tuscan bone china saucer also with a green edge and border of roses. Good vintage condition. ONE OF A KIND and hand painted. Text is in heat fused Porcelaine ceramic paint, and non-toxic. Beverage safe, hand wash with care. Product care label is attached. (Trixie Delicious, $28)

Home is where the heart is… This gorgeous vintage side plate has been brought into the present day and it’s looking better than ever! The plate measures just over 6 inches (15cm) across and is bone china. Decorated with high quality porcelain pens and baked to make the design permanent. (Shady Glaze, $10)


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