14 Clever Uses for Nail Polish


Longtime Care2 readers will know there are a few household items that have a seemingly endless list of practical uses — vinegar, baking soda, lemon… Well, prepare to add nail polish to that list. More than just a way to add a splash of color to your hands or even a way to fix runs in your stockings, nail polish is a surprisingly versatile household tool. From car repair to skin allergies, click through tocheck out some of the surprising uses for nail polish. Have your own way to reuse nail polish? Share it with us in the comments!

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Around the House & In the Garage.

1. Mark Your Perfect Shower Temperature. You can also try this on sinks with separate hot and cold faucets.

2. Fix Window Screens. Small tears in your window screens? Fear not — fix them right up with some clear nail polish.

3. Prevent Rusty Screws and Wobbly Toilet Seats. Stop rust before it happens on the your rust-prone toilet seat, by coating screws in clear nail polish. The polish will also prevent loose toilet seats.

4. Cover Up Car Nicks in a Bind. Body shops are so expensive! If you have a small nick on your car, and you have a nail polish color that matches it, just fill in the nick with that and avoid the repair bill. Make sure to test the color out before using.

5. Slow the Progress of a Cracked Windshield. Park your car in the shade, and apply some clear nail polish to both the inside and the outside the crack. Let it dry in the sun.

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Beauty, Fashion & Health.

6. Protect Sensitive Skin. Allergic to nickel, but still want to wear jeans once in a while? Cover any skin-irritating metals with a coat of nail polish.Though many people use clear polish for this, using a colorful polish makes it easier to tell when it needs to be reapplied. This works for jewelry, too!

7. Keep Costume Jewelry Looking Great. Let’s face it, not everyone can afford to be draped in diamonds and 14 karat gold. For the rest of us, here’s a great trick: apply a layer of clear nail polish to cheap costume jewelry. Not only will it prevent green wrists, it’ll also protect the coating and extend its life.

8.Keep Buttons in Place. Never lose a button again! When you notice a loose button, apply a dab of clear nail polish on the fraying thread. This will also work on fraying shoelaces.

9. Prevent Broken Glasses. Opticians have long used this trick to extend the life of glasses. After they’ve been tightened, apply a little dab of clear nail polish over the screws.

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More Great Uses.

10. Waterproof Matches. Imagine that:nail polish can actually waterproof matches! Read more about this great camping trick here.

11. Keep Your Labels Smudge-Free. Coat any labels you don’t want to wear off, like cleaning product instructions, with clear nail polish.

12. Keep Old Credit Cards in Shape. Store clerks often have trouble swiping credit and debit cards past their prime. Apply a layer of clear nail polish to the magnetic stripe while you wait for your new card.

13. Seal Envelopes. One of the best ways to secure an envelope isn’t with your tongue, it’s with clear nail polish. No amount of steam will make it budge. You can also waterproof address labels with nail polish.

14. Label Keys. Have two keys that look similar? Color code them with nail polish.

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