15 Mason Jar Lid Crafts

We craft with mason jars all the time, but what about those lonely lids? Use them up with these fun mason jar lid crafts!

The whole idea behind mason jar crafts is reusing instead of throwing away, so I’ve been feeling guilty about my stash of mason jar lids that no longer have jars to go with them. Seriously, like my wine cork stash, it was getting a little bit out of hand. And I am betting that I’m not the only crafter with a bagful of lids and guilt tucked away in the pantry. Try some of these mason jar lid crafts to bust that stash and assuage your mason jar crafting guilt!

15 Mason Jar Lid Crafts

15 Mason Jar Lid Crafts

1. Mason Jar Lid Price Tags – Do you sell your crafts? Turn those leftover mason jar lids into cute, reusable price tags for your goods.

2. Mini Mason Jar Pie Pan – How cute is this? You can use the lids of your mason jars to bake miniature pies! This pie recipe is not vegan, but you could really use any crust + filling combo you like here, then follow her baking directions.

3. Garland – This vintage-style garland is Valentine’s Day-themed, but you can change up the colors and message on this mason jar lid craft for any occasion you like.

4. Jar Lid Owls – How cute are these little owls? Hang them on the wall, display them on your mantle, or let your kids play with them.

15 Mason Jar Lid Crafts

5. Miniature DIY Picture Frame – This little round picture frame looks super cute on the wall and makes a great gift.

6. Shabby Chic Wreath – Old mason jar lids can get rusty, and that’s not always a bad thing. I love how this wreath uses rusty old lids in an intentional way.

7. Coasters – Turn little vacation keepsakes into forever coasters this this mason jar lid craft!

8. Ornaments – I know, Christmas is not exactly right around the corner, but this is a cute project to keep in mind for decorating your tree!

9. Halloween Wreath – Like the Valentine’s Day garland above, you can change up the color and design on this wreath to work for any season or holiday.

15 Mason Jar Lid Crafts

10. Shabby Chic Wind Chimes – Spruce up your outdoor decor with a rustic wind chime made from old lids.

11. Canning Lid Monsters – These cheerful little monsters are a great craft for kids! Get your little ones excited about upcycling, and I bet they’ll love playing with the toys that they helped make.

12. Candle Holder – Got a little bit of lace and five minutes? Make a canning jar lid candle holder!

13. Pincushion – Mason jar pin cushions are cool, but they can be bulky when you’re working on a big project and moving around the craft room. This lid-only pincushion is small, so it won’t get in your way.

14. Miniature Jar Lid Collages – This is another mason jar lid craft that your kids can get in on. Have fun creating keepsake collages together!

15. Rhinestone Ornament – Right, I know. Another Christmas ornament. I just couldn’t resist this level of bling, even in the middle of August.

Have you done any cool mason jar lid crafts? Tell us about what you’re making in the comments!


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