15 Amazing Uses for Potatoes

You eat them mashed, baked, and sometimes even fried, but did you know that potatoes can do more than just fill you up? Check out these surprising uses for potatoes!

The surprising uses for potatoes below take advantage of a few different properties of those humble spuds. When it comes to cleaning, the magic is in the oxalic acid, a gentle acid that has quite a few handy cleaning applications. The moisture and starch are what make it so effective for the skin applications listed below. We’ve even got a couple of less-well-known cooking applications thrown in for good measure.

15 Surprising Uses for Potatoes

1. Soothe a minor burn. Apply a slice of raw potato, compress style, to soothe burned skin.

2. Make stamps. Think potato stamps are just for kids? Check out this modern throw pillow with a potato-stamped pattern!

3. Absorb extra salt in soups. Did you oversalt your soup a little bit? Toss in some cubed potatoes! This will work if you moderately oversalt, but if you had a serious salt mishap, even potatoes may not be able to help you.

4. Pamper puffy eyes. Apply slices of raw potato on eyes instead of cucumbers to relieve puffiness

5. Get stains off of skin. Have you been chopping beets or cooking with turmeric? Rub your stained skin with a piece of cut potato to erase the damage.

6. Make muffins. Sweet potatoes add a little sweetness and give these yummy muffins a moist yet hearty texture.

15 Surprising Uses for Potatoes

Who knew that sliced, raw potato had so many uses?

7. Make your silverware shine. Rub tarnished silverware with cut potato or soak them in leftover cooking water after boiling potatoes.

8. Cook up creamy, non-dairy soups. Instead of heavy cream, try pureed potato in your brothy soups give them a creaminess without the extra fat and cholesterol. You can even leave the skin on for a dose of healthy fiber and B vitamins!

9. Feed your geraniums. Sprinkle some shredded potatoes around the area where you’ve planted to feed your geraniums and help them thrive.

10. Remove rust. Rub rusty metal with cut potato to shine it back up. If you’re looking at a lot of rust, add a little bit of salt for extra scrubbing power. Just be careful with salt, though, and test a small area to make sure if won’t scratch the metal underneath.

11. Make a weekly potato face mask. Puree enough raw potato in water to form a paste, and spread it on your face. Leave for about half an hour, then rinse away.

12. Get a broken bulb out of the socket. Cut a potato in half, then gently press onto the remaining glass and slowly unscrew. You may break some more glass when you press down, so put a rag or some old newspaper under the lamp before you start to catch any falling shards.

13. Soothe a headache. Some headaches — like tension headaches — will respond to the potato treatment! Just gently massage your temples with slices of raw potato.

14. Soothe itchy skin with a slice of raw potato. Just like with burns, you apply the raw potato like a compress until the itchiness subsides.

15. Use them as non-toxic glass cleaner. Rub raw potato on your glass, then wipe the juice away with a clean cloth.

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