15 Unique Christmas Ornaments and Tree Trimmings

Decorate your Christmas tree in handmade ornaments with our roundup of gorgeous and unique trimmings!

Whether you’ve already got your tree all set up or you’ll likely wait until the last minute, it’s never too late to add a final touch to your living room centerpiece. Whether you’re browsing for the perfect last minute Christmas gift or just looking to spruce up your own tree, we went on the hunt for this year’s best handmade ornaments and tree trimmings. It’s fun adding new pieces to the mix and having a tree full of memories and ornaments that speak to your family’s personality and the things they love. Think you’d like to try making your own ornaments? Check out HGTV’s list of 21 DIY handmade ornaments for you and your family to get crafty with together!

P.S. Like what you see? There is so much where that came from. Head to Etsy.com and search “ornament” or “tree trimming” for thousands of awesome options. To see even more of our picks for handmade trimmings, check out last year’s list!

Crown of Rue, $25

Moderation Corner, $9

Miss Erika Lynn, $12

Marigold Training, $8

Yellow Bug Boutique, $10
White Lilie Designs, $27

Your Charmed Life, $25

CH Gallery, $12

Olechka Design, $7

Baby Generation, $12

Ancy Photos, $32

Posies in My Pocket, $20

Jess Vartanian, $14

Letters By Lilly, $3

Love for Bling, $16


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