15 Unique Vintage Sunglasses

Last week, in celebration of mid-summer, I shared fifteen of my favorite handmade sunglasses. Many of the options were upcycled shades from vintage pairs and in my quest to find the best, I came across many awesome intact vintage pairs. So this week, I wanted to roundup the best of the best vintage sunglasses! If you dig the list but want to buy local, try scooping out your local thrift shop for options or Googling your town name + “vintage sunglasses” to see if you happen to have a shop that sells some!

Vintage 1950s pearly plastic cat eye sunglasses. Arms of glasses have cutouts, so they look like wings. Face of the glasses is printed with black lace pattern, covered with a thin layer of silver glitter. Dark (non prescription) plastic lenses, with a slightly olive tint. (Lucky Dry Goods, $95)

Amazingly unique and eccentric geometric octagon sunglasses, in super thick bright turquoise horn rim, and amazing shape! They are from the 1960s, possibly new old stock. (Thayer Eyewear, $79)

A beautiful pair of vintage cat eye sunglasses, never used and in mint condition. Authentic vintage with new, quality lenses put in them. Measures 4 3/4 inches between arms, the lens size is 46mm, the bridge is 20mm and the arms are 5 1/4 inches long. (Pince Nez Shop, $130)

I love pink, so I went nuts for these vintage 1950s pale pink, new old stock sunglasses. Super cute and am told they’re really comfortable on with a sturdy feel. (Coral Vintage, $42)

Gorgeous deadstock tortoise shell sunglasses in mint condition. (ANTI Apparel, $19)

Not so common to find this style in an ivory plastic frame. Original 1930′s celluloid sunnies with aqua glass non prescription lenses. A fun and rare find, in very wearable condition. (Back Thennish Vintage, $58)

These authentic 1950s cat eye sunglasses are thickly molded in layered crystal clear zyl, with wide tear drop lenses and double wing notched cat eye corners, with a light catching sparkly layer of blue animal print-like spots within all surfaces of the eyewear, all the way down the 1/2” wide skull temples. (Thayer Eyewear, $129)

Remember the age of the heart shaped sunglasses? It was one of my personal favorite trends and has made quite a comeback in the past few years. Here they are in my favorite color, though you can certainly find any shade you love with a simple search online. (House of Hades, $12)

For my money, Calobar sunglasses are the greatest. From fun creative designs, to classics, they’re always unique. Of course, these sunglasses fall into the fun category. In a cream, almost a pale yellow color, they have a center layer of black. Scalloped corners and matching scallops on the temples give a whimsical feel to these sunglasses. But what’s so great, is the black layer is exposed all the way around the frames, creating a subtle border. Original lenses and in excellent vintage condition, these sunglasses are pristine. (Vintage Kismet, $110)

Here’s a pair of vintage deadstock frames in a color I like to call ‘Peach Smoothie’! It is a bright peachy-orange hue in a retro roundish, oversized frame. A very wearable style that is flattering on many face shapes. (Five Stones Vintage, $13)

Amazing pair of Emilio Pucci original sunglasses from the 60/70s. Oversize mod with tinted lenses (light gray). These iconic Pucci print sunglasses boast a graphic print frame in shades of turquoise blue & purple. In very good condition, this is an excellent collectors piece for fans of the bold! (Skomoroki, $282)

Fun mod round sunglasses with hanging disc “earrings” on chains that wrap around the ears. I’ve never seen anything like them! (Metric Mod, $32)

These affordable 1970′s vintage circle frames have the classic metal detailing at the top of the frames. Another one of my favorite vintage trends that’s back in style. (Xclusive Goods, $32)

A pair of vintage sunglasses made in the 1970s but perfect for a 1920s/1930s period look. They were manufactured in France by Reminiscence in an old factory using the vintage molds. The frames are made of translucent coral plastic and the lenses are light topaz. The diameter of each lens is 2 1/8 inches at the widest point and each arm is 5.25 inches long. They measure 5.25 inches from hinge to hinge. (The Lilliputian Bazaar, $20)

1980s Paloma Picasso sunglasses in perfect condition. Frames and lenses of plastic, golden brass deco and logo on the bend and one lens. Original case included. (A Boys Closet, $114)



Mary T.
Mary T4 years ago

Love the cateyes glasses but I wouldn't buy the overpriced sunglasses

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Jez wildmoon
jayne TURNER4 years ago

when I was a kid - about 6 or 7, the sunglasses with the hanging discs were all the rage. In fact I had a pair in dayglo pink with hanging 'diamonds'!

Franck Rio
Past Member 4 years ago

Thanks for sharing

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thanks for sharing

Sue Matheson
Sue Matheson4 years ago

great shades! Thanks!

MacKenzie H.
MacKenzie H4 years ago

Would love to see some of these styles translated to over-glasses frames. Please, manufacturers! In the meantime, I'll be the 20-something in oversized granny shades, since I can't afford prescription sunnies.

Manuela C.
Manuela C4 years ago

Not my type..