15 Uniquely Festive Thanksgiving Recipes

Well, it’s almost here, folks! Thanksgiving (in the US, at least) is happening this Thursday and you’re no doubt in the midst of preparing your menu, making grocery lists and runs and trying to please even the most fickle eaters in your family. We’re here to help, but didn’t want to bore you with typical turkey, mashed potato or cranberry recipes. So instead, we’ve gathered fifteen of our favorite unique Thanksgiving recipes from around the web. No matter what might be currently missing from your delicious lineup, we hope this list inspires!

Beet salad with tangerines on Delish. Show the whole crew just how fancy you can get in the kitchen.


Ginger squash cake with white chocolate frosting from Epicurious. An interesting combo that is sure to delight.


Creamy carrot soup with scallions and poppy seeds from Delish. Filling, healthy and right in season.

Creamy fried confetti corn from My Recipes. We don’t know about you, but we love anything fried! At least with corn, the guilt is a little less.


Ambrosia salad from My Recipes. If you’re going to serve a salad, at least make it interesting!

“Comfort Me With Pears” liqueur drink from the Food Network. Beautiful and tasty treat for the adults.


“Corny” cookies from Spoonful – sure to delight the younger set and impress the adults!


Dill seed biscuits from Delish. Sorry for the tiny photo – but we just had to include!

Pilgrim hat cookies from Taste of Home. A super cute option if you’re tasked with bringing treats to your kids school or class!


Bourbon coolers from the Food Network. Don’t they look like little mimosas?


It wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without something pumpkin involved. But why not try something different, like these whoopie pies with maple -marshmellow cream filling from Bon Appetit?

Turkey meatballs with cranberry glaze from All Recipes. They had us at “cranberry glaze.”

Brussels sprouts are this writers favorite food. So it should be no surprise that I jumped for joy at this spiced lemony recipe from Martha Stewart.


Wild rice with dried fruit and nuts from Martha Stewart. Three of our favorite healthy landmarks, mixed together in one awesome recipe. Sign us up!


Ending on a high note with this dumpling squash with cream and sage from Martha Stewart. Are your bellies rumbling yet?


Dale O.

Many delightful recipes here. Love thick soup as well. However, why the turkey meatballs? Seriously, if one is going to have turkey on a holiday, I would have roasted turkey and not meatballs made from turkey made earlier on. Wait til the vegans see the corn with bacon on top. However, since Care2 is a site used by both omnivores, vegetarians and vegans, there should be something for everyone.

Cynthia B says to "Go vegan." No thanks. I don't tell you to go meat, so don't ask me to go vegan. Will certainly try vegan and vegetarian recipes quite often but have no intention of going vegan since organic non-factory farm eggs, milk, cheese and even local raw honey are on the vegan no no list.

Kynthia B.
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Go vegan ;)

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Tamara Mendelson5 years ago

that looks SO delicious!

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irene davis5 years ago

Ginger squash cake 10 out of 10!

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Great recipes, thank you

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So yummy,thanks.

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