15 Vintage and Handmade New Year’s Eve Party Dresses

Who’s ready to party? Get inspired with a roundup of beautiful handmade and vintage NYE party dresses.

Planning to spend New Year’s Eve at home, comfy in your PJ’s? Have to work that night? I understand – I’ve been there! But for those of you who are lucky enough to be heading out with family or friends to a get together (whether big or small), I’ve got some dress inspiration for you. Now, it’s obviously too late at this point to order anything online, but hopefully these gorgeous dresses can inspire any last-minute shoppers heading over to the thrift store today or tomorrow. Really obsessed with something you see below? There’s always overnight shipping if you act fast!

No matter what you do this New Year’s, I hope you do it safely, with renewed spirit in your heart for the year to come and wearing something that makes you feel awesome – whether that’s sparkly house shoes or high heels. When else… and why not? Cheers and happy new year, friends!

Dark blue evening dress, open back dress, Carousel Fashion

Mini little black lace dress, Nelli Uzun

Black Tulle Polka Dot Prom Dress – Made to Order, Alexandra King Design

Party Dress – Short Sparkle Tulle – The Frances Dress in grey – Made to order, KT Jean

Trimmed nude sheer jersey ruffle parka style open front on snaps dress, Tsyn Dyma

Earth Tone Suede And Leather Dress With Gabardine Skirt, Aguayo NY

Green and Pewter Lace Strapless Cocktail Dress, Dame Couture

Mint evening dress, Bele Berda

BBD dress, Naki Muli

Run Baby Run Dress- Silk Metallic and Leather Bustier Dress, Kahri

Singing In A Mirror paper dress, Fluffy Paper Dress

Short black and white chiffon dress, Atelier DeCouture JK

Dark blue evening dress with bows. OOAK Size S, Carousel Fashion

Black lace evening dress, open back dress, Carousel Fashion

Black Beaded Dress, 60′s Vintage, Small – Medium // Studded, Rhinestone, Salvato Collection


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