15 Vintage Bathing Suits for Your Summer Vacation

Finding the perfect swimsuit is no simple task. You want something that makes you feel comfortable, fits right and won’t be sported by every other babe on the beach. That’s why we think you should consider going vintage! Vintage swimsuits are awesome in so many ways – they oftentimes will help you save money, are very green-friendly, will ensure that your suit is a standout original, and will usually ensure more of a covered-up look (which is both in-style and simply more classy, if you ask us!). Today we’ve picked out fifteen looks being sold online for your shopping ease. Be sure to check measurements and shipping times. See you on the sand!

1962 purple and blue striped bathing suit from Schmoo 1515. Straps are adjustable by way of buttons and can be fully removed for a strapless look. Zips up the back. There is slight boning on the sides of the bust. Excellent condition.

1980s Hawaiian floral pink and black bathing suit from Southern Dropout. Perfect condition. Label: Slim Allure. 85% nylon, 15% spandex.

Rare 1960s flower cutout black suit from Triple Gemini. From shop: “In excellent condition, the only thing to report is that when I found this a (contemporary) bra had been sewn into it, I removed this, but it’s unclear if there was something there originally in terms of structure to the bust.”

1960s Hawaiian print suit with boy cut shorts and a lace-up bust. Black with peach and orange flowers from Shop At 851. Hook back closure and hook straps so you can take them off and have a strapless tan line. Worn but not worn out!

1970s green and white one-piece – a classic bombshell look! Firmly stretchy nylon material. Padded bra lining from And Vintage Clothing.

1930s soft gray & white marled knit swimsuit from Dear Golden. Black trim, halter-style top that buttons at the back of the neck, lace up bodice, low back and black trimmed boy shorts.

1940s mid-century pinup bathing suit in beautiful turquoise blue by swimwear designer Rose Marie Reid. “A very flattering, well-tailored, bombshell swimsuit fit for a Hollywood starlet!” Get it from Metric Mod.

Beautiful vintage 1970s or early 80s swimsuit from Lengo 28. The seller describes, “Rich shades of red, magenta, purple with accents of black in a chevron stripe that is ruched at the front, sides and back for a very flattering cut. The legs are adjustable by pulling on the side strings, so you can do a fifties style maillot or hike it high for a sexy show of leg. The ties can be tied into bows for a flirty, feminine look.”

1950s black lace Cole of California suit with shelf bullet bra lining and button straps from Dethrose Vintage.

1940′s black swimsuit – a classic one piece with zip up the back from Good Time Island.

Abstract geometric print swimsuit with underwire and a lined bust. Medium from And Vintage Clothing.

1980s French label Cacharel blue and white stripe bikini with center bow from Hemlock Vintage. Old stock from a high-end boutique located in the Trump Tower, NYC. Underwire top with a removable neck strap. White plastic clasp opening in the back top. Cute skimpy bottoms. Fabric is 90% Cotton, 10% Spandex.

1950s one-piece Rose Marie Reid pin-up romper swimsuit from Rock Street Vintage. “Suit is made of off-white semi heavy weight fabric that has some give and is adorned with black embroidered flowers. Very sturdy metal zipper in back with hook and eye closure underneath the zipper. The suit has adjustable straps and built in cotton fabric bra with boning and cotton under panties with elastic legs.”

1950s Catalina pink bombshell swimsuit from I See France. Channel your inner Marilyn!

1980s three tiered bathing suit in black and teal. Great condition from Good Time Island.


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Nice ideas if they're your cup of tea

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It's not my style... But thanks for sharing.

Mary E.
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Interesting to see what folks wore to the beach back in the good ole days, but not sure I would wear any this day and time. Though I have to admit, at least the bikini was cute :)

Catherine B.
Cath B5 years ago

Its bad enough having to wear swim wear for therapy - but to appear in these designs, I have to say - No Thanks. My bra and pants wouldnt look any worse! Keep these in the past - I cant see anything special about these. Either for the environment or for looking great! Sorry for such a negative comment but am being honest.

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I don't understand the purpose of this article, other than to drive a reader crazy with 16 pages! Isn't it possible to put 2 pictures on a page? 50 year old bathing suits? Crazy.

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noted. Thanks!!!

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Only 2 cute ones

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noted guess we should have hung on to our grandmothers & mothers suits!