15 Ways to Reuse Old Jeans

When you dug through your closet to pull out those winter clothes, did you find a pair of jeans or two that are past their prime or no longer fit? Those old denims are perfect for all sorts of fun, crafty projects!

Some of these ways to reuse old jeans require a bit of sewing skill, but I’ve made sure to include lots of no-sew projects too. Whether you’re a savvy seamstress or an avid DIY’er that cringes at the thought of a needle and thread, there are lots of fun ways to repurpose old jeans!

1. Make stamps. Use those small denim scraps to make fun, repurposed stamps!

2. Sew a purse. Threadbanger shows us how to turn old jeans into a new purse.

3. Jeans to skirt. Refashion your wardrobe! You can transform an old pair of jeans into a brand new denim skirt.

4. Decorate. Use your crafty skills and make cute denim bunting out of those old jeans.

5. A rag rug. Do you crochet? A New Old Fashioned Gal shows you how to turn your jeans into repurposed “yarn” to crochet a rag rug.

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Image Credit: Creative Commons photo by quinn.anya

denim tote bag6. Make a wine bag. A bottle of wine is the perfect hostess gift, and I love that this repurposed wine bag uses the jeans’ back pocket to hold an opener.

7. Knitting needle case. Old jeans make the perfect outer fabric for a knitting needle case!

8. Coasters. With just some scissors and fabric glue, roll up your own custom set of denim coasters.

9. Denim rose. Another no-sew project! Whip up sweet denim roses. They’re great embellishments, or you can hot glue them to a pin backing or hair clip to make a cute accessory.

10. A cozy quilt. Lots of jeans? Make a quilt! Just cut them into squares, piece them together, and sew them up just like you would any other quilt.

11. Tote bag. Wide leg jeans make a super simple tote bag. Just cut a section of the leg, flip inside out and sew the bottom, hem the top, add straps, and embellish.

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Image Credit: Creative Commons photo by heidi elliott

denim flower pins

12. Flower pins. Make simple flower pins! Just cut flower shapes, embellish, and sew or glue a pin backing on the back.

13. Sew an apron. Transform that pair of jeans into a sassy new apron!

14. Notebook cover. Keep your books safe with a repurposed book cover. This is another one where they used the back pockets in a savvy way. Love it!

15. Placemats. Those denim coasters from the previous page would be lonely without matching denim placemats.

Have you gotten crafty with an old pair of jeans? Let’s share more denim project ideas in the comments!

Image Credit: Creative Commons photo by bymanu


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My mom makes the most awesome jean quilts. The one she made for my husband and I for our wedding present out of our old jeans was just the best!

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Made a purse out of denim when I was a teenager (many moons ago) never thought of placemats or coasters. Thanks for the tips!