15 Ways to Reuse Old Pillowcases

Confession: I love crafting with vintage pillowcases! A pillowcase provides the perfect amount of fabric for so many projects, and when you’re cutting into a pillowcase, you don’t have to wrangle yards and yards of fabric.

My favorite pillowcase crafts work with the design of the pillowcase. You’ve got that wide seam around the opening and all of the sturdy, serged side seams, and often instead of cutting apart the whole pillowcase, you can make those already-stitched parts work for you. You’ll see some of this in the selected projects on the next few pages.

If you don’t have vintage or otherwise reclaimed pillowcases in your crafty stash, check the thrift store or yard sales. You’re sure to run across some cute ones! Remember: it’s only upcycling if your materials are second hand or landfill-bound, so a pillowcase you find on sale at Walmart might be cute and work well for these projects, but using a new pillowcase in your craft project isn’t upcycling.

Once you have your pillowcase and are ready to sew, check out these pillowcase craft ideas!

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Image Credit: Creative Commons photo by ktmadeblog

Pillowcase Skirt

1. Pillowcase Shopping Bag – Grow Mama shows you a simple technique for creating a grocery tote from an old pillowcase.

2. Pillowcase Skirt – It’s super simple to turn an old pillowcase into a child’s skirt, like the one pictured above. Get the tutorial here!

3. Make an apron – Betz White has a simple tutorial for turning an old pillowcase into an apron, complete with pockets!

4. Garment bags – Who needs an ugly, vinyl garment bag? Check out how to turn old pillowcases into much cuter garment bags instead!

5. Drawstring Laundry Bag – Check out this video tutorial for turning an old pillowcase into a laundry bag:

6. Art smock – Next time your kiddos want to paint, use this easy tutorial to make a smock from an old pillowcase to protect their clothing.

7. Doll blanket – Does your little one play with dolls? Pillowcases provide the perfect amount of fabric to create custom doll blankets.

8. Tote bag - Here’s a different take on the pillowcase tote idea.

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Image Credit: Creative Commons Pillowcase Skirt photo by Julie Finn

pillowcase belt

9. Pillowcase belt – Use a vintage pillowcase to create a sassy, obi-style belt.

10. Adult dress – So many pillowcase clothing tutorials are for kids. Turn an old pillowcase into a cute dress for you!

11. Adult skirt – Another project just for you! Here’s how to make an adult skirt from an old pillowcase.

12. Cat hammock – Spoil that kitty with a handmade hammock made from a pillowcase!

13. Another dress – Looking for a different spin on the pillowcase dress? Check out this video tutorial:

14. Hanger cover – Not only do these DIY covers make your hangers cuter, but the fabric helps keep clothes from slipping off.

15. Child’s nightie – How adorable are these pillowcase nightgowns over at Prudent Baby?

Have you done any crafting with reclaimed pillowcases? I’d love to hear what you’re working on, too!

Image Credit: Photo by Becky Striepe


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