1,500 Jobs Could be Created by Massive Wind Power Project

$1.2 billion dollars of financing has been finalized for a 3,000 megawatt energy center located north of Los Angeles, at Tehachapi. Terra-Gen Power is the company behind the project. The first phase of the project began construction in March, and is expected to being commercial operations in January 2011. It had already received financing for a 150 megawatt facility. (This phase of the project is using GE turbines.) The $1.2 billion is for the next four phases. Terra-Gen CEO Jim Pagano said about the entire endeavor, “The Alta projects I-V will create more than 1,500 domestic manufacturing, construction and operation and maintenance jobs, and inject more than $600 million into the local economy. ”

1,550 megawatts of the huge project’s wind power output has already been slated to go to Southern California Edison. If completed, the 3,000 megawatt power center would be the largest in the United States. Oregon and Texas currently have the largest wind farms.

Vestas Wind Systems will be supplying 190 3 megawatt turbines for the center. An order for all the turbines was placed recently. It was the largest wind turbine order for a single site for the company. They are actually based in Denmark, but have a Colorado facility with 1,300 employees.

Terra-Gen Power says they currently own 832 megawatts of renewable energy generating projects across the Western United States. The company’s development subsidiaries have another 2,000 MW of wind, geothermal, and solar development projects in the works.

Most of California’s wind turbines are located in just three areas: Altamont east of San Francisco, Tehachapi, and San Gorgonio near Palm Springs. You can see current wind power values at this web page.

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Richard E Cooley
Richard E Cooley7 years ago

Thank you.

Robert O.
Robert O7 years ago

This would be a great thing!

Bon L.
Bon L7 years ago

Thanks for the info.

Janice P.
Janice P7 years ago

This would be a wonderful and worthwhile investment - one which could be productive on so many levels. I would far rather see our government invest in things like this than in yet more weaponry.

stefan d.
Stefan Dwornik7 years ago

It is nice to see that the 'green'; movement is starting to pick up some, and the more the American people DEMAND clean power, the more it will happen. This project is massive, but I've no doubt there are more good untapted locations for wind farms. Scientists have been able to make solar generated power, and there are now wind generators built in the U.S., that are designed for more productive, and located on the roof.
The more the American people keep relentlessly pushing for changes in they way we live, and and returning to a government that serves the people, the sooner and faster changes will come. Be relentless in reminding your senators and congressman they work for us, we want the changes, and if they want to continue serving, then maybe they should try serving We the People. E-mail them weekly:senators congressman, and political leaders you support or take issue with, include the news networks, since they program according to the internet, and it will drive the point home.

Julie F.
Julie F7 years ago

great news

Mike Masley
Michael Masley7 years ago

great news and hope this all works out for us.

Lynn C.
Lynn C7 years ago

Looking at those turbines in all that smog was an interesting juxtaposition...the illness...and the remedy.

Thomas T.
Thomas T.7 years ago

Physicist Dr. Denis Rancourt, a former professor and environmental science researcher at the University of Ottawa, has officially bailed out of the man-made global warming movement.

Is it time for you to bail out JamieC, or are you going to stick to your guns??
In a hard-hitting and exclusive new exclusive video just released by Climate Depot, Dr. Rancourt declares that the entire man-made global warming movement is nothing more than a “corrupt social phenomenon.” “It is as much psychological and social phenomenon as anything else,” Rancourt, who has published peer-reviewed research, explained in a June 8, 2010 essay.

“I argue that by far the most destructive force on the planet is power-driven financiers and profit-driven corporations and their cartels backed by military might; and that the global warming myth is a red herring that contributes to hiding this truth. In my opinion, activists who, using any justification, feed the global warming myth have effectively been co-opted, or at best neutralized,” Rancourt said.

“Global warming is strictly an imaginary problem of the First World middleclass,” he asserted.

Rancourt’s dissent on man-made climate fears has not set well with many of his fellow green friends. “When I tell environmental activists that global warming is not something to be concerned about, they attack me — they shun me, they do not allow me to have my materials published in their magazines, e

Thomas T.
Thomas T.7 years ago

JamieC. There is NO consensus of scientists on AGW. 31,487 AMERICAN scientists, that includes 9029 PhDs disagree, and have signed petitions expressing disagreement!


Even if there were a 100% consensus, which there isnt, science is not by consensus, it is by challenging the latest theory.

The Climate-Gate inquiries were typical Britsh whitewashes, (lies, lies, lies),the same as Iraq, Dr Hutton, Lockerbie, Princess Di etc.


You seem to forget, that the IPCC, (UN branch of Climate-Fraud) admitted that it used non-peer reviewed studies, articles for Green presuure Groups, magazine articles, even a dissertation by a SCHOOLBOY, in its worldwide scare tactics.

Are you telling us that these larger icecaps, stable corals, (Caribbean, Austr). etc, non-rising seaslevels, UK, extreme cold NOW in South Am. and Austr. the record cold winter in Europe, US, China, the polar bears thriving, are all signs of warming?

The scam is well exposed in Eurpoe and UK, but the Americans are still a little behind, with their controlled press.

Pollution, no, keep forests yes. Windfarms, wasting money.

Did you know that all the magnets`material for the windfarsm generators come from China. They are building a NEW dirty coal powered staion every week. Go talk to them.