16 Practical Gift Ideas for Practical People

Practical people can be tough to shop for. What do you get them that they don’t already have? Here are 16 practical gift ideas that will knock their (practical) socks off!

The holidays can be a happy time spent with friends and family, but you may be dreading what to get your mom. She’s notoriously practical. You won’t see her requesting diamonds or lavish expeditions. In fact, when she was given a gift option for her work anniversary she picked a noodle maker. And if you think about all the gifts she’s given you over the years, socks and underwear top the list.

So what practical gifts do you get the most practical people you know?

Practical Gifts for Practical People

16 Practical Gift Ideas for Practical People

1. Electric Wine Bottle Opener

If you know a wine lover, then give their aching wrists a break. Give them the gift of an electric bottle opener. Simply place on top of the cork and push the button. The machine does all the work. The wine love just has to remember to keep it charged.

2. House Shoes

You’ll have to sneakily get their shoe size. But what practical person doesn’t love a quality pair of house shoes, especially in the cold, winter months.

3. Electric Car Blanket

These are sweet for people who live in freezing weather. While your pal waits for the car to heat and the windshield to defrost, he can sit under a warm blanket. Just plug it in, and turn it on.

4. Metal Wine Tumblers

If you’re a wine connoisseur, you may scoff at this idea. Who drinks wine out of a metal glass? Well, parents of small children do. Because you never know when a chicken nugget will fly across the dinner table and knock over mom’s crystal wine glass. And if your mate loves white wine, then these tumblers keep the wine chilled much longer than glass does.

5. Lunchbox

You’ll probably notice that your super practical friend brings her lunch to work basically every day. And that white and purple tote is beginning to look brown and pink. Help a girl out and get her a fresh new lunchbox with added bells and whistles or with only a single compartment.

6. Reusable Sandwich and Gallon Size Bags

Reusable snack and gallon bags can be used in the kitchen to replace those wretched plastic bags that are clogging our waterways and killing the sea creatures. Help your family and friends get started on their almost-zero-waste journey.

7. 2019 Planner

Your practical pal may already have a planner for the New Year. But if you get her a customized planner with the type of paper she loves, then how could she say no? Maybe a few high-quality pens to go with it, too.

8. Thank You Card Set

Thank you cards  are indispensable for just about anyone. They’re especially useful for the ambitious type who likes to leave a good impression.

9. Luggage

Luggage is an all-time practical gift. In fact, it’s something most people never buy themselves, because others love giving it to you. Be that person for someone else. You can get an inexpensive set for $100 or less at a big box store.

10. Bluetooth Headphones

If you see your brother strolling around with wire headphones, then be kind and bring him into 2018 and 2019 with a set of bluetooth headphones. He doesn’t know what he’s missing.

11. Wrist Watch

Who doesn’t like to know what time it is? Get super practical and make sure it has a compass and paracord. Waterproof gets you extra practical points, too.

12. Multi-Tool

There’s no more practical gift than a tool. Quality pocket tools can last a long time and over many uses. Pick one with an array of tools to meet your friend’s needs.

13. Portable Phone Charger

Super handy but only if your partner remembers to bring it with him on his next 12 hour adventure. If he makes sure it’s fully charged before he heads out the door, then he won’t need to worry about a dead phone by the end of the night. And you won’t have to worry about him.

14. Lip Balm Kit

Lip balm is for the family member who can’t keep those lips moist in the deepest time of winter. You get kissed with a cactus each time you say “Hello” or “Goodbye.” Say, “No more!” You can purchase a kit or create your own. Whole Foods sells inexpensive lip balms with quality ingredients. Place them in a small tote and you’re set.

15. Tile Tracker

Have you got a buddy who’s practical but clueless? Every time he puts his keys down he can’t find them not even five minutes later. The Tile tracker attaches to your key ring. He downloads an app, creates a profile, and registers his tile. Now he always knows where his keys are.

16. Essential Oil Diffuser

It’s always a good time to switch your sister from standard wall plugs to an essential oil diffuser. It’s far healthier and refreshing than artificial scents. You can get small starter pack of oils with the diffuser. Then she’s set!

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