16 Surprising Uses for Ice Cubes


What’s so great about frozen water? Plenty! From preventing sauces from curdling to getting wrinkles out of your clothing, ice cubes are a great addition to your DIY arsenal. Click through to check out some creative and interesting ways to use ice cubes.

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Food & Entertaining.

1. Stop Curdling in its Tracks. Curdled sauces can be salvaged — it’s a miracle! Drop an ice cube into your egg-based sauce and stir it around immediately after you see the sauce start to curdle.

2. Serve Ice Without the Hassle. At your next party, serve ice in a colander that is placed inside of a large bowl. No need to go bobbing for ice cubes.

3. Reheat Rice with Ease. All too often, rice dries out when it’s reheated in the microwave. Remedy that by putting a few ice cubes on top of the bowl before you nuke it.

4. Take Your Salad Dressing to the Next Level. If you want your dressing to be creamier, put it in a sealable plastic container with an ice cube. Seal tightly, shake well and enjoy!

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Beauty & Fashion.

5. Get Rid of Wrinkles. If your shirt is wrinkly and you’re pressed for time, wrap an ice cube in some cloth, rub it on the wrinkly areas and iron. It’ll work its magic much more quickly!

6. Soothe Your Plucked Eyebrows. Your eyebrows may be fabulous, but they sure are sore! Rub an ice cube over your brow to ease the pain.

7. Prevent Stains from Setting. Ice cubes work wonders on a spill. Rub over the spot as soon as you spill something on your clothes — it’ll stop a stain dead in its tracks much more effectively than even cold water.

8. DIY Eye Mask. Wrap an ice cube in a towel and place over your puffy eyes for a few minutes.

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9. Get Rid of Carpet Dents. No one wants dents in the carpeting! Get rid of them by placing an ice cube in the affected area. Once it’s melted, brush it up and your carpet will be as good as new.

10. Fix Your Garbage Disposal. If your garbage disposal isn’t working as well as it used to, put a few ice cubes in it and let it run. It’ll break up any grease or other sediment.

11. Clean Vases and Bottles. No need to employ your child — and their tiny hands — to clean a vase or bottle with a very slender neck. Instead, toss in some ice and 1/4 cup salt and swish vigorously.

12. Clean a Coffeepot. The ice/salt trick will also work for cleaning up a scorched coffee pot.

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Other Great Uses.

13. DIY Air Conditioner. No need to invest in a pricey air conditioner, and the power bill that goes along with it. Instead, place a bowl of ice in front of a fan. It really, seriously, works wonders.

14. Start a Fire. Now here’s a great survival skill — starting a fire with ice! Click here for detailed instructions.

15. Water Plants. If you are going out of town for a few days, or even just have a hard time reaching a hanging plants, quench their thirst with some ice cubes. Add 5 or 6 to a larger plant.They’ll melt gradually, allowing the soil time to absorb the water.

16. Give your Pet Cool Water. If your pet enjoys cool water in hot weather, toss a few ice cubes into their bowl.

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Vincent T
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Vincent T
William T1 months ago


Sonia Minwer Barakat Requ

Good tpis thanks for sharing

Jeanne Rogers
Jeanne Rogers2 years ago

Thank you for sharing.

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Dawnie D.
Past Member 5 years ago

Great suggestions...I love ice and in the summer I could chew crushed ice almost 24/7. LOL!
It is wonderful in diet smoothies and gives them refreshing taste. So I will put these tips in my memory bank and hope the back up data keeps it there. Thanks so much. Love and Peace.

sylvia Szczepaik Bouvier
sylvia S5 years ago

I use Ice to as face mask not only eye mask, No need for botox, I'm 29 and never needed a botox injections while my grilfriends who are my age and younger have been getting injections for years.. I also take freezing cold showers.. 5 times a week early morning no signs of celiuiate (sorry don't know the spelling English is my 4th language) when I go for manicure, the lady always say "baby soft skin, wow, baby soft skin", it's cute.

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Tamie Robinson
Tamie R6 years ago

Some great ideas, I have never heard of some of them, I can't wait to try them! Ice is a great tool for many things, added to smoothies in a mixer, makes small but edible pieces, great in the summer!

Carol F.
Carol F6 years ago

Some great tips! Thanks :>)