16 Unique & Creative Gift Ideas You Can Fit in Jars

Why use a boring cardboard box when you can give gifts in a reusable and sustainable jar? Not only is it more fun, but you can gift way more than just jams and preserves in a good jar. Here are 16 unique holiday gifts for your friends, colleagues and loved ones that come, you guessed it, in a jar:

For the coffee lover

Fill a jar with freshly roasted beans, a reusable espresso cup and a compact milk frother. It’s the perfect gift for any caffeine-afficianado. If you are a home coffee roaster, roast them a customized blend and create a personalized label for their jar of coffee.

For the sports/hobby lover

No matter what their favorite or most recently acquired sport is, give your loved one a fun hobby in a jar. For golf, make some small cotton swab golf clubs and toss in a swatch of green turf material and some small candy golf balls. For archery, all you need is a popsicle stick, a few cotton swabs, some floss and a piece of duct tape to make a quiver. For a rock climber, you could glue a pinch hold onto a Mason jar and fill it with climber’s chalk and a new chalk bag. Get creative!


For the baking lover

This is the most obvious, but there is something so alluring about a custom baking mix in a jar. Cookie mixes are the most popular; because who doesn’t love cookies? Of course, you could also make more than cookies (think soup mix, brownie mix, pancake mix, cake mix and beyond). Just follow a recipe by layering the dry ingredients in a jar and attaching a label detailing what wet ingredients are needed and how to bake the cookies.

For the book lover

For the literary lover in your life, why not give them an adorable pocket library. Think about their favorite books and try to find miniature copies of them to stack in a jar. If you can’t find them, buy or make mini books and write funny little personalized stories inside each. Line the jar with old dictionary pages to complete the look. You can even make a library for the mini books out of a bigger hardcover book, but that probably won’t fit into a jar very easily.

For the BBQ lover

Do you have a secret BBQ spice rub that you use to make your famous Korean BBQ tempeh? Do people rave about your spices and flavors? Why not make a batch for your friends to use? Make your secret spice mix and package it up for all your friends and family.

For the pet lover

Try making homemade dog treats for your friend who loves their canine pals. You could even include this super cool collar with a built in water bowl for all those long pup hikes. For cat lovers, some new toys, the finest cat nip and an interactive cat food dispenser to awake their cat’s inner hunter will do.


For the plant lover

Plant an adorable tiny succulent or create a terrarium in a jar and decorate the jar so it can adorn your friend or colleague’s desk.

For the well-groomed

Create a little shaving or spa kit that includes small lotions and balms, mustache wax, a razor, essential oils, nail polish and whatever other pampering items you can think of.

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For a significant other

Create the ultimate date in a jar! Fill it with little inside jokes, memories from the start of your relationship, silly trinkets and love notes. Also include all the makings for a romantic evening, including tea light candles, matches, rose petals, sensual massage oil and a flash drive loaded with sexy music.

For your crafty friend

Create a little beginner’s craft kit for a craft your friend hasn’t tried yet. Stick a ball of yarn, circular needles and instructions in a jar for a new knitter. Fill a jar with colored pencils and charcoal for a drawer. Toss in cool beads and appropriate wire for beading. When in doubt, glitter pens and a few pieces of black scratch paper are fun for everyone!

For the bath lover

Find a big jar. Pour in bath salts. Top with a nice wooden scoop and a great bathtime read. Good choices includes Walden by Henry David Thoreau or Adventures for Your Soul by Shannon Kaiser.

For the winter lover

Jam in a few packets of relaxing reishi mushroom hot cacao, a flash drive of a movie they love or wintry music, a packet of hand warmers and a pair of great gloves. It’s a little bit of cozy in a jar.

For the tea lover

Have a friend who loves tea? I do. Why not make them a customized rainy day tea kit in a jar? Buy a small sampling of really good loose leaf teas and a small infuser (animal lovers will go crazy for this adorable manatee infuser!) Why not slip a couple of shortbread cookies in there too? Decorate the jar accordingly.

Christmas star shape sugar cookies

For the cookie lover

Ain’t no shame in a jar full of homemade cookies. Make a variety of cookies to gift to all your friends—sugar, shortbread, thumbprint, chocolate chip–and place two of three of each variety in each personalized jar.

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For the child inside all of us

Why not make a personalized snow globe? Find little trees and Lego versions of your friend’s favorite fictional characters, glue them to the base, and toss in the whirlwind of glittery snow.

For any loved one

Make an emergency gloom-be-gone kit for when your loved one is feeling down in the dumps. Include handwritten notes about what makes them amazing, chocolates, cute and silly toys/trinkets and whatever else you can think of.

Believe me, I know jars aren’t the easiest item to wrap, but it is simple once you know how. There are plenty of resources on the internet to help you out, and you’ll be amazed at how much fun it is to give fun little gifts in jars!

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