18 Oil Free Vegan Meals with 10 Ingredients or Fewer

Cutting back on refined oils might feel a little bit daunting at first, but it doesn’t have to be! These oil free vegan meals all have 10 ingredients or fewer.

18 oil free vegan meals with 10 ingredients or less

Confession: I do not eat a low fat vegan diet, but I do try to limit oil in my cooking when possible. Recipes like these show that you can still make simple, flavorful dishes without drowning your plate in oil.

Oil free also doesn’t have to mean fat free or even low fat. A little bit of fat improves food’s texture and taste and helps you feel full. In fact, extremely low fat diets aren’t super healthy. If you want to read about hitting the right balance of dietary fat on a healthy vegan diet, I recommend this article from registered dietician, Ginny Messina.Oilfree vegan food gets fat from healthy, whole food, plant-based sources like avocado, nuts and seeds.

Each ofthese oil free vegan meals has 10 ingredients or fewer(not counting salt, pepper or water).

Vegan Sweet Potato Burgers

1. Sweet Potato Burgers – Top these offwith some sliced avocado, and you’re in business!

2. Banana Muffins – Start your day with these tasty, oil-free banana muffins! If you want to add a little bit of healthy fat to round this out, slice them in half and spread on some natural peanut butter or cashew butter.

20 Minute Vegan Alfredo from The Vegan 8

3.Vegan Alfredo – I know!Can you believe that a rich, creamy alfredo sauce can be oil free? It gets its richness from cashew butter instead.

4. Frijoles de Cabo – Stuffthese simple, tasty beans intohard or soft tortillas with some sliced avocado and leafy greens, and you’re still right at 10 ingredients!

Vegan Dumplings from Feasting on Fruit

5. Dumplings – Who says that dumplings have to be an appetizer? These healthy, veggie dumplings can be the main event!

6. “Tuna” Salad Sandwiches – These 10-minute wonders clock in at 10 ingredients exactly, counting the bread.

Balsamic Plum Crumble from Unconventional Baker

7. Balsamic Plum Oat Crumble – With only seven ingredients, this recipe proves that oil free breakfasts can be bursting with flavor!

8. Grilled Burritos -Tasty grilled burritos topped with rich, avocado crema are so flavorful, you’d never know that they only have 10 ingredients.

Orange Cauliflower from Veggie Inspired

9. Orange Cauliflower – Healthy cauliflower in sticky, rich orange sauce only has nine ingredients, so you can serve over rice or noodles while still staying right at the 10 ingredients mark.

10. Raw Zucchini with Avocado Sauce – Even when you count the ingredients in the homemade, vegan Parmesean, this recipe only contains eight ingredients.

18 Oil Free Vegan Meals with 10 Ingredients or Less

11. White Bean Veggie Burgers – These seven-ingredient burgers are simple and delicious. Serve them on a bun or over salad greens!

12. Seed & Carrot Roast Loaf – Veggie loaves have come a long way since the 70s, and this six-ingredient carrot loaf is rich and hearty, thanks to the power of seeds!

18 Oil Free Vegan Meals with 10 Ingredients or Less

13. Lentil Burgers -Even if you pile on all of the suggested toppings, this filling veggie burger only has 10 ingredients total.

14. Kale and Quinoa Superfood Salad -A filling salad with only seven ingredients. Hearty mushroom broth replaces the oil for umami in this recipe.

Orange Flower Pistachio Oatmeal by Kathy Hester

15. Orange Flower, Pistachio and Date Oatmeal – This hearty bowl of comfort only has seven ingredients and cooks for just five minutes on the stove.

16. Sweet Cashew KaleShake – Smoothies aren’t always filling on their own for breakfast, butthis one is loadedwith cashews, kale and flax seeds to keep you feeling full until lunch.

Collard Wraps with Curried Carrot Pate by Ricki Heller

17. Collard Wraps with Curried Carrot Pate – If you’ve neverused raw greens as a wrapper for savory fillings before, you’re missing out on some filling deliciousness. This recipe is a great place to start.

18. Slow-Cooker Lentil Quinoa Tacos – You make the filling for these tasty tacos in your slow cooker,so this meal is as easy to make as it is healthy.

All images via recipe authors, used with permission.


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