19 Gift Ideas for People Who Love Animals

Animal lovers are the best people on earth… here are ten gifts they’d love to see under their tree!

We know there are tons of animal lovers on Care2, and so it seems only fitting to round up presents for animal lovers themselves. Instead of gifts for their actual pets (though also important!), I found things especially for your feline/dog/horse/etc. loving friends and families. And while not every gift will work for each person on your list, with nineteen choices, I’m hoping something deems itself useful.

If you’re scared about ordering online when it’s already into December, remember that last minute shoppers can always order a present and have it sent straight to the recipient. If you’re set to see the person before the gift will arrive, simply print out the listing or photo of the present and include it in a nice card. This way, they have something to open on Christmas AND something to look forward to in the coming days. Happy holidays, y’all! (To see last years animal lovers gift guide, go here!)

Custom pet pillows, $145

Cat Tao art, $95

I love my pet glass earrings, $30

Zen dog garden sculpture, $30

Dog greetings sign, $65

Pet print ornament, $12

Dog bone ornaments, $22

Recycled glass cat night light, $35

Puppy with whiskers slippers, $20

Cat and mouse pop out clock, $35

Frog tea infuser, $12

Pig, bunny and monkey bowls, $28

Dog watches, $65

Desktop dogs, $20

Picture your pet, $75

Bad dog wisdom tumblers, $35

Cat and dog bottle stoppers, $20

Dog and cat necklaces, $28

Hand knit dog ornaments, $28


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