2 Exercises That Lower Diabetes Risk

Need a little motivation for that new year’s resolution to hit the gym more often? New research has found that there are some types of exercise that might lower your diabetes risk.

Doctors have known for a while about the correlation between diabetes and exercise, but until now it was thought to be aerobic workouts like jogging that lowered your risk. But a recent study of almost 100,000 women found a new link.

Women who did muscle-strengthening and conditioning workoutsóhitting the weight roomólowered their diabetes risk by 14 percent for every 60 minutes of exercise per week. For those who did those workouts for more than 150 minutes a week, their diabetes risk was lowered by 40 percent.

Bench press not your thing? The study found that, surprisingly, lighter forms of exercise like yoga also counted. Researchers speculated it may be because those forms of exercise prevent the loss of lean muscle mass or affect the body’s use of glucose.

But don’t give up your morning jog completely yet! It seems the magic formula is a combination of aerobic exercise and strengthening workouts. Women who did 150 minutes of aerobic exercise and 60 minutes of muscle-strengthening workouts per week dropped their diabetes risk by two thirds.

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Jenny H.
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Thanks guys!! Extremely cooperative post that has helped me a lot…. how to strengthen your core

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Abby J.2 years ago

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Mike H.
Mike H2 years ago

Thank you. Jogging will not kill you

Nimue Pendragon

Don't jog, it will kill you, do something else, there are plenty of other exercises to choose from.

Nimue Pendragon

Don't jog, it will kill you, do something else, there are plenty of other exercises to choose from.

Olivia Dawson
Olivia Dawson2 years ago

I guess it makes sense a combination of strength & aerobic exercise is best for preventing diabetes. After all NHS guidelines, based on research into other conditions, are to do both.

Great seeing exercise articles on Care2

Elena Poensgen
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Thank you

Lynn Rubal
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Plan on starting to walk more. Thanks for the info.