20 Benefits of Celibacy

Too often mass media focuses on imagery or messages related to sexuality as a ploy for getting attention to draw more viewers to a TV program, sell music and movie tickets, or generate more page views on a website, but there is so little information about the positive aspects of celibacy.  The Dalai Lama, who is one of the most respected and admired individuals in the world due to his compassion and happiness, has said this about sex, “Naturally as a human being…some kind of desire for sex comes, but then you use human intelligence to make comprehension that those relationships are always full of trouble. Sexual pressure, sexual desire, actually, I think is short-period satisfaction and, often, that leads to more complication,” he said. (Source: Telegraph)  Below are just some of the benefits of celibacy.

  • Avoid getting HIV or Hepatitis C, which can lead to death
  • Avoid getting HPV which can lead to cervical cancer, or even throat cancer contracted from oral sex. Cervical cancer can spread cancer throughout the body, which may lead to death
  • Reduce risk of other STDs such as herpes, gonorrhea, chlamydia, genital warts
  • Reduce risk of unwanted pregnancy
  • Reduce risk of marrying someone solely because of an unwanted pregnancy
  • Reduce risk of abortion due to unwanted pregnancy, or giving up the baby for adoption due to lack of financial means
  • Reduce risk of dropping out of high school or college due to an unwanted pregnancy; achieving one’s educational goals before getting pregnant

A yoga practitioner who made the choice to become celibate said this of her experience: “Brahmacharya has changed my perception of myself, of others, of everything. It’s been so interesting to realize how much of my ego-self was bound up with sexuality and sexual desire. And the effect on my sadhana [spiritual practice] has been most profound. I’m not sure I can put it into words. Let’s just say there’s definitely a good reason why all spiritual traditions recommend celibacy. Sex is great, but no sexual experience-and I’ve had a lot of them-could even come close to this.”
(Source: Yoga Journal)

  • Do not contribute to overpopulation, arguably the greatest contributor to environmental problems (Obviously this is from sex that leads to pregnancy, not other situations)
  • Reduce or eliminate worrying about one’s body appearance to others
  • Never waste money on lingerie or uncomfortable undergarments again
  • Eliminate the chance of elective surgery such as breast or penile implants because you realize your worth has nothing to do with body image, and live that way
  • Save money on contraception

Gandhi is also one of the more respected figures in world history and he also practiced celibacy at some point in his life. He wrote, “There should be a clear line between the life of a brahmachari and of one who is not. Both use their eyesight, but whereas the brahmachari uses it to see the glories of God, the other uses it to see the frivolity around him. Both use their ears, but whereas the one hears nothing but praises of God, the other feasts his ears upon ribaldry. Both often keep late hours, but whereas the one devotes them to prayer, the other fritters them away in wasteful mirth.” (Source: Life Positive )

  • Experience oneself as being worthy of being in a relationship that does not place an obligation on pleasuring another person
  • Experience oneself as something other than a pleasure object for others
  • Appreciate other human beings for who they are, not merely for their appearance, or for what pleasure they might provide to you
  • Experience less mental and emotional attachment to a single person, when it is possible to have a more balanced social life

Even Lady Gaga, who is not renowned all around the world in the same way as someone like the Dalai Lama or Gandhi, has publicly referenced celibacy as being a positive experience, saying “I’m single right now and I’ve chosen to be single because I don’t have the time to get to know anybody. So it’s OK not to have sex, it’s OK to get to know people. I’m celibate, celibacy’s fine.” (Source: Huffington Post)

  • Eliminate the risk of becoming a sex addict.
  • Eliminate the risk of becoming a pornography addict.
  • No longer entertain the notion something might be wrong with you for being less interested sex, or choosing a different path.
  • Understand the difference between sex and love
  • Understand love is not limited to romantic relationships

Celibacy has been also been described as the reason one woman lived to celebrate her 107th birthday. The model Adriana Lima also stated celibacy was a part of her life, and sex was for marriage. Lenny Kravitz was reported to have become celibate, as a preparation to being in a stable marriage not based on physical desire.

Image Credit: Luca Galuzzi / Wiki Commons

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David C
David C7 months ago

not as much fun......wonder which is healthier.....sex burns a lot of calories

Aaron F
Past Member about a year ago

Celibacy....or appropriate abstinence and precautions....?!?

Alberto Z
Alberto Z.1 years ago

Sex is not for fun but only for procreation. God never created contraceptives. So the more self-control we have the better.

Anna Schenck
Anna Schenck4 years ago

The great benefits of celibacy are these: 1. peace of mind 2. healthy body 3. peace of mind! 4. quickest way to really get to know one's self 4. the development of the virtue called self-control in more than just sexual behavior 5. development of kindness and consideration of others without the burden of lustful thought which is sin 5 Peace with God when one realizes He calls us to obey Him to obtain that peace of mind.

I find people are so obsessed with getting sexual desire met that they literally blind themselves to the obvious benefits. "Going out" to find some person to hook up with for fornication may be fun for people who do not have any knowledge of God's instructions on the subject, but these people suffer in ways they do not understand and much psychological harm occurs to everyone who is blind to the truth, though they know it not. Want to learn more? Check out the documentary of Errol Flinn on YouTube. He lived life "to the fullest" "did it his way" and died at a young age proving sex done wrong kills in oh so many ways.

Sai Krishna G.
Sai Krishna G4 years ago


Nimue Pendragon

Each to her/his own. Thank you for the interesting article :)

vee s.
Veronica-Mae s4 years ago

Sex is like going on holiday - anticipated with relish, experienced with inconvenience and remembered with nostalgia.

Anna Schenck
Anna Schenck4 years ago

Franz F, if you mean return to the godless moraless amoral 1960s and even earlier than that - time immemorial really, well, ok Sodom and Gomorrah and the roaring 1920s, then we have already tried that. The same list of ills results every time people take a dim view of self-control, which is, by the way, a long lost virtue the world over. I am celibate and always have been. It is a true blessing to reach the age I am having never indulged the passions raised by the bio/physio rhythm, and that just because I WANTED to prove myself capable of that kind of self-control. I am neither lonely, diseased, disappointed, depressed, on any sort of medication whatsoever, and I remain light years happier than most adults I know simply because in at least this one area of human right/rite/privilege I have obeyed the command of Jesus to abstain from fornication/adultery/sexual misbehavior. If you are not married, it's none of your business, in other words; fill up your life with worthy, healthy, Godly pursuits. Sex is not a toy and neither is food. It is utter peace and joy to be on my own without the wrinkled face and worn-out, abused adnexa of the worldly wise, so-called. No one EVER died because they did not have sex. Many people die early deaths because they DO have sex with too many or just some diseased or murderous person. I am grateful to God Almighty daily for His wisdom and great care in leading me through this life to this peaceful existence I now have with no baggage from the

Lepidopter Phoenyx

Makaela: "Celibacy is about more than just not having sex. It's about learning who are and what you really want out of life."

One of the things I want out of life is more sex. I like sex, I like it a lot, and I like a lot of it. I'm just not interested in complicating it by placing it within the confines of a committed relationship.

Franz F.
Franz F.5 years ago

The super interesting thing about what this article gives as reasons to be celibate, is the fact that each one of those things is directly linked to arbitrary traits of our modern culture, which inherits most of the attitudes towards sex from older cultures.

Human sex has been the object of the worst treatment that any species could have given to a drive that happens to be incredibly pleasurable.

All the complications that a human being must overcome in order to have a rather mediocre sexual experience, are the burden upon which the advocates of celibacy base their advise.

But what if, instead of thinking about a way to be free of the sex drive—something quite functionally accomplished via sublimation—we got rid of all the cultural complications we have been adding around sex and its practice? What if sex became a casual session of pleasure consented by humans free of the burdens of ego stuff, such as physical appearance and social status and political power?

We say: “Let's not have sex, since it's so complicated” instead of saying: “Let's find the way to rid our lives of complications and enjoy it freely”. Instead of making the game more and more complicated and costly, let's change the rules of the game, so we can enjoy it without all the burdens.