20 Foods that Aggravate Big Toe Pain (Gout)

Gout is a painful form of arthritis that is usually linked to pain in the big toe. It occurs when uric acid in the blood causes crystals to form and accumulate around joints, particularly in the big toe.

So how does uric acid build up in the blood? There are many foods that, when metabolized, cause acidic buildup, especially meat, alcohol, and seafood. For more specific information about balancing an acidic diet check out my book 60 Seconds to Slim.

Additionally, there are many foods that contain purines. Your body produces uric acid to help break down these purine-rich foods. These foods are best avoided for a month or two if you’re suffering from gout and then eaten only sparingly after that, if at all. Here are 20+ purine-containing foods that aggravate gout.

Purine-Containing Foods that Aggravate Gout

  • Organ Meats such as liver and giblets
  • Red Meat, including:  beef, bison, lamb, and pork as well
  • Fish and seafood, especially anchovies, herring, and mackerel, but also tuna, shrimp, lobster, and scallops
  • Poultry such as chicken, turkey, duck, etc.
  • Asparagus
  • Mushrooms
  • Alcohol, especially beer
  • Foods and drinks sweetened with high-fructose corn syrup, including many soft drinks and sweetened juices.  Juices that are made from 100% fruit are not nearly as problematic

What Else Can You Do to Help Gout?

Obesity is a risk factor for gout, so losing weight can help you lower your risk of attacks. Avoid extreme programs since rapid weight loss can promote a gout attack. And especially avoid high-protein diets since they increase the amount of uric acid thereby aggravating the arthritic condition. Choose an alkalizing diet since it helps to neutralize and counteract the effects of uric acid.

Eat a plant-based diet with lots of vegetables, legumes, and whole grains, with small amounts of fruit.

Avoid refined carbs like white bread, candy, cakes, and pastries since these foods are highly acid-forming.

Drink plenty of water to help flush uric acid from your body.

Cut back on saturated fat in your diet. Fortunately, avoiding or reducing meat and poultry is the best and easiest way to reduce saturated fat.


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