20 Handmade Dream Items for MLK Day

Today, we celebrate the life and work of Martin Luther King Jr. This man, perhaps mostly widely remembered for his “I have a dream…” speech, made his mark on our history and lives by fighting for what he believed was right and by having the courage to speak up for his hopes for the future. There are many takeaways to his life and work, and while equality is certainly the biggest, I also can’t help but think of him whenever I think about dreams. Obviously I don’t mean the kind of dreams you have at night, but the dreams that keep you up at night – the stuff he spoke about during that fabled speech. Whether its a dream for yourself, your future or the future of our nation, it’s important to have dreams, to chase them and to, more than anything, believe in their power, because that’s how they come true! In the spirit of MLK and his dream, still working to be fully realized across not only this country but the world, we wanted to roundup some of our favorite MLK quote related handmade pieces. He had such a way with words! We hope they inspire you to make your own items, wish or dream board or to simply just make note of the things you hope to accomplish in your lifetime. No matter how big or small, they’re all important.


“Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase” quote belt, Geralyn


“Even if I knew…” quote print, Nori


Magnet set, Quoted Art

Wall art, Lexiphilia


Banner, Paper Altar


Wall decal, Decorations By Amelia

Sign, Salvage the World


Word cloud art print, No9 Images


Framed embroidery, Just for Giggles

Framed word art, Pire Spike 1977


Print, Cloud and Clover


Upcycled tshirt, Megan Franken

Art print, Aura Bowman


Photograph, Ramblin’ Rose


Wall decal, Vinyl Design Creations

Art print, Kloth


Knit and polymer clay coffee cozy, Diana Schneider


Art print, Old English Company

Clock and mail holder, Royal to Rustic


Painted canvas, An Act of Whimsy


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