20 Thoughtful, Green & Cheap Ways to Honor Dad on Father’s Day

First let me say that I believe “dads” or “fathers” can come in a variety of non-traditional packages, including step fathers, uncles, grand fathers, and many women who have stepped up to this honored position when the original birth father for a variety of reasons (sometimes by circumstance, sometimes by choice) could not be present.

green diva meg's husband w/ grand daughter vivi

Hubby Wayne (aka Pee Paw) w/ our Grand Daughter Vivi

My own 3 daughters have had the opportunity to know and love their fathers (my now two ex-husbands) and their stepfather Wayne (my long-suffering fiancee of 15 years and now husband). We are all on happy and amicable terms and Wayne came into their lives in a way that did not stomp on the toes of their original fathers, and he loves them all as much as any man loves a daughter and has raised them as his own.

My father has been gone for over 20 years, and while there are wonderful men in my life, none can fill that particular void, nor should they. I still miss him and Father’s Day always offers an opportunity to reflect on what he meant to me.

GD Meg's baby Mary and her Father Jon Rousseau

My daughter and her father, Jon Rousseau

So, a hearty shout out to all those dads in whatever form they come in, who show up for their families and love and teach us strength, humility and a million other cool things like fishing or photography or baseball or cooking or camping or intellectual pursuits . . . the list is endless, right?

I hope you will listen to our wonderful Father’s Day themed show/podcast and get some fun ideas!

Please visit the original show post with highlights, links and resources for the Father’s Day themed show!

20 Thoughtful, Eco-Friendly, Cheap (or Free) Ways to Celebrate Dad

During the show, we only scratched the surface of ways to celebrate father’s day without buying a gift or even giving him a wonderful homemade gift. I love thinking up ways we can honor each other on these types of holidays with less “stuff” and more great experiences and memories. I suggest finding ways to connect dad with nature through something he may have interest in. Here are some of my ideas, but I’d love to hear some of yours …

1. Take a Hike

2. Go to the Park

3. Go Fishing

4. Go to a Farmer’s Market

5. Help Dad in the Yard or Garden (if he has one – maybe plant one and help maintain it if he doesn’t!)

6. Have a Picnic Outside

7. Write a Poem of Appreciation for Dad

8. Visit an Art Gallery or Museum (maybe one that features images of nature)

9. Cook a Delicious, Healthy Vegan or Vegetarian Meal

10. See an Outdoor Concert (many communities have wonderful outdoor music series in their parks. If there isn’t one scheduled for Father’s Day, make a plan to take Dad to one that interests him that is on the schedule)

11. Have a Family Game Night (featuring dad’s favorite game(s))

12. Go to the Beach or the River or the Lake or the Pond …

13. If Dad Loves Golf, Let him Play as much as he wants for Father’s Day!

14. Share a Book that You Love with Dad

15. Make a Designated and Extended Nap Time for Dad

16. Ask Dad What HE Wants to do, and DO IT

17. Do an Easy & Fun Upcycling Project with Dad (check out GD Mizar’s fun Father’s Day DIY coasters made from old photos and upcycled wood)

18. Go Birding

19. Grab a Camera and Take Pictures out in Nature

20. ALWAYS Tell Dad How Much You Love & Appreciate Him


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We've moved away from making the commercially-marketed holidays, like Valentines, Father's & Mother's Day important in favor of just making sure we tell everyone in our circle that we love them 24-7.

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Happy father day to Ra also! The Sun is my King, His Rays gives us Life! He and earth together create...... LIFE!!

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Great ideas for Father's Day or any day you want to do something nice for dad and I'm sure he'll appreciate the economic thriftiness of these. Thanks.

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