20 Ways to Mend and Repair Things That Are Broken

Got a broken thing? Dont pitch it. Fix it! Here are lots of ways to repair instead of replace.

OK, so before we get to all of the repair ideas, I need to get something off of my chest. I can’t hear the phrate “Fix it!” without thinking of the SNL sketch above.

While obviously not all repairs are really a simple three-step process, I do like his enthusiasm. Let’s fix it, y’all! And if you don’t see the repair you need to make listed below, drop a comment!

20 Ways to Mend and Repair Things That Are Broken

1. Repair a Separated Pocket – Does your favorite dress or hoodie have a pocket that’s pulling away at the corners? Here’s how to fix it quickly and simply.

2. Fix a Broken Roller Shade – Did your kids destroy your roller shade? Raid your fabric stash for a beautiful fix.

3. How to Repair an Umbrella – Did the blustery spring weather beat your umbrella into submission? Repair it!

4. Replace a Missing Puzzle Piece – Where do those missing puzzle pieces go? Julie shows you how to create a homemade piece to replace that missing one that’s driving you bananas.

5. Repair (and strengthen!) a Broken Bean Bag – Hacky sackers, rejoice! Here’s how to fix a broken bean bag and make it stronger than it was before.

6. Mend a Torn Table Cloth – Did your favorite table cloth get a tear? Fix it!

7. Spruce Up a Broken Mannequin – Got burlap and a hot glue gun? Fix that broken mannequin!

8. Repair a Broken Deck Chair – Replace the webbing on a broken vintage deck chair to make it arguably better than new.

9. Fix Your Bike in an Emergency – Cycling is fun, but sometimes you need to know how to repair your bike on the fly.

20 Ways to Mend and Repair Things That Are Broken

10. Fix a Broken Coffee Cup Handle – A broken handle doesn’t have to spell the end for your favorite mug. You only need one supply to fix this problem!

11. Mend a Hole in Your Pocket – Don’t replace a whole garment just because the pocket’s wearing out. Fix it!

12. 4 Techniques to Mend Clothes – With these simple techniques, you can tackle many damaged clothing problems.

13. Repair Broken Wood Furniture – This list has 30 ways to fix all manner of damaged furniture.

14. Fix a Broken Pinball Machine – Put one of those annoying plastic blister packs to good use.

15. Mend a Torn Ottoman – You could use this technique to repair other torn upholstery too.

16. Give an Old Backpack a New Life – Your kids don’t need a new backpack for back to school. Spruce up their old one instead!

17. Fix a Zipper – A broken zipper is annoying, but fixable!

18. Sharpen or Hone Your Knife – That old kitchen knife doesn’t need replacing. It just needs a little love.

19. Shoe Repair Tips – Before giving up on your kicked pair of kicks, try fixing them!

20. Repair the Heel on Athletic Shoes – This is a more specific shoe-repair tutorial, but this worn heel thing is a common problem with running shoes, so it seemed worth adding in.

Fixing instead of replacing is such a great way to flex your crafty muscles and reduce waste. What have you guys fixed lately? Tell us about your favorite repairs in the comments!

photos by Becky Striepe


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