20 Ways to Use Old Pantyhose

The global hosiery market is expected to reach $20.3 billion by 2015, that’s a lot of pantyhose and tights. Perhaps one reason so much is spent on these items is that they are really flippin’ fragile. A snag/run/tear can render them unwearable as quickly as you can say “sharp toenail.”

My mom only bought the same brand and shade. When she would get a run, she would cut off that leg at the thigh and double up the one-leg pantyhose with another ‘pair’ of one-leg pantyhose — wearing two panty-parts each with one leg. Resourceful, that mom of mine. I must have learned something from her. I never wore traditional pantyhose, but have gone through my share of cute tights; and with the death of each pair, I always managed to reincarnate them in the guise of hair bows, suitcase straps, and various other assorted employments.

If you end up tossing hose or tights at the end of their lives, reconsider. Here are a number of ways in which you can put them to use.

1. Wash your back.

Put a bar of soap in the hose leg, get in the shower, grasp with both hands and rub back and forth across your back

2. Make a tidy bath sachet.

If you like to add things to enhance your bath, like salts or herbs, but them in a section of knotted hose to ensure an easier clean of the tub afterwards. (Read about the health benefits of Epsom salt baths.)

3. Conserve old soap.

Save small remnants of soap and put them in a section of hose, then tie the ends for a sudsy scrubber.

4. Secure an ice or heat pack.

Put the ice or heat in the leg off a pair of pantyhose, wrap it around the affected area and tie the ends around your body to keep the pack in place.

5. Pack efficiently.

Rolling clothes is a super way to fit a lot in a suitcase without excessive wrinkling. Once you’ve rolled clothing, encase the roll in a section of pantyhose to keep it secure.

6. DIY Spanx.

Cut the panty part off of support-top hose and wear for support without the hose.

7. Keep warm.

Hose or tights with runs in them can still provide a layer for warmth when worn under pants.

8. Protect your shoes.

Use sections of hose to slip over shoes to prevent them from getting dusty or scuffing while in your closet.

9. Shine shoes.

Pantyhose are slightly abrasive, yet soft enough to not scratch, which makes them perfect for polishing and buffing shoes and boots.

10. Keep baby socks matched.

Baby socks magically become unmatched and orphaned in the laundry. Keep pairs together and place them in the leg of a pair of nylons and tie the ends, then wash and dry as usual.

11. Use instead of twine or bungee cords.

Pantyhose legs are perfect for binding anything you would normally use twine or bungee cords for.

12. Use as a paint strainer.

Stretch hose over a can of paint to filter out any lumps of paint to ensure even painting.

13. Protect paper rolls.

Store rolls of wrapping paper in a protective sleeve made of a pantyhose leg.

14. Secure the trash.

Use the elastic waistband from an old hose to secure the top of the trash bag to the bin.

15. Find lost jewelry.

If you’ve lost something small, place the foot of a pair of pantyhose over the opening of your vacuum and vacuum the area–the item will be sucked against the nylon without being sucked into the vacuum.

16. Make potpourri.

Use sections of hose legs to contain ingredients for potpourri.

17. Easy dough-rolling.

Slip a hose leg over your rolling pin to help keep wet dough from sticking.

18. Stake plants.

Nylon has just the right mix of strength and give to keep plants, like tomatoes, in place without hurting them.

19. Store plant bulbs, onions, or garlic.

Bulbs can get moldy if too crowded, keep them separated by putting one in a hose leg, tying a knot, putting in another, and so on.

20. Keep the soil in a potted plant.

Fill a hose leg with soil and tie the ends, then line the bottom of a plant pot, blocking the hole, so that loose soil doesn’t spill out.


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