200,000 Solar Panels for New Jersey Utility Poles

Energy services company PSEG will install 200,000 solar panels on utility poles throughout the state of New Jersey in six large cities and 300 rural and suburban communities. The panels will generate electricity that will go directly into the grid. It is estimated they will generate about 80 megawatts of electricity. The first phase will be 2,200 in Woodbridge, 425 in Carteret, 240 in Clark, and 470 in Linden, to name several locations.

The majority of the panels should be installed by 2013. When all are up, they will be the largest pole-attached solar panel system in the world. The system will make New Jersey a solar power pioneer.

New technology will be used for managing the pole panels energy production. Noveda Technologies which makes real-time web-based energy monitoring software is supplying their products and expertise to the project. A PSEG senior official said, “Noveda’s technology will enable us to continuously monitor the increasing number of solar installations and proactively provide operational and maintenance support, thus increasing the reliability of this clean distributed generation resource.” (Source: MarketWatch)

New Jersey has been a leader in solar installations. They have had about 6,500 solar projects completed as of the end of July. New Jersey has been said to have the best financial incentives for home solar in the United States.

Image Credit: cjc4544

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New Jersians see the value of solar now we need the Governor to also value the solar industry and keep the growth out there.

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Putting solar panels on utilities posts is such a great idea! Can hardly wait until they do this here in Canada.
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More good news, it shows that some have got it at last.

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