2012: Armageddon?

The Mayans were an ancient, wise civilization that lived in what is now Central America. They were advanced in many areas, including astronomy and mathematics, which allowed them to calculate an amazingly accurate calendar. The Mayan calendar ends on December 21, 2012, so many have prophesized this date as the end of the world. As we near the end of the Mayan calendar, we are deluged with books and movies about this important event. Is it Armageddon, or just another day? Will we be getting out the holiday decorations or meeting our maker?

A “judgment day” is coming, but it’s not what we were led to expect. We are the judges, and must make a decision about what is happening around us. It is the time of reckoning and truth, and is occurring right at this very moment. We must judge where humanity is, decide what we are capable of becoming, and choose the role each of us is to play in its continuing evolution.

Even though most of us are not aware of it, we are continually making energetic choices in our lives. Pioneering research by modern physicists has shown that we are connected to a vast, universal energy field, so what happens to each of us affects all of humanity. I see this energy field as the physical manifestation of our spirituality – it also connects us to our higher power. Every time we stay courageous in the midst of adversity, each moment we are kind to a stranger, and with each act of forgiveness, we are making a positive energetic choice. Our powerful, positive frequencies influence all beings in an uplifting way.

The opposite is also true. Negativity also travels through our universal energy field, and increases the likelihood that humanity will follow a more difficult path. Negativity does not mean the anger, fear or pain that you are willing to work through. It is the unwillingness to resolve issues, the need to hold onto judgment and the feeling of “woe is me.”

You may be surprised to hear this, but those who can’t pull themselves up from hatred and other maladies of the soul are still dearly loved. As Christ’s parable of the prodigal son teaches, we will all be welcomed home with a party to match all parties – no matter our choices here on earth. Divine energy is a compassionate energy. Heaven and Hell are right here, right now, and are of our own making. It is we who decide our realm of existence.

In making our choices, we must trust that we will be guided during our difficult times. Our energy field also connects us to wisdom, which can reveal itself in the most unusual and mysterious ways. Wisdom is within us and around us. It shows up in the form of intuition, animals, coincidence and earth’s beauty. It also manifests as gamma rays, photon bursts and magnetic resonance. Wisdom is spirituality and science. It is our instinctive right, and if followed, allows us to become our own spiritual teachers. Our personal wisdom can be our best teacher during this influential time.

So regarding December 12, 2012, enjoy the passionate discourse, suspenseful movies and televised computer generated catastrophes. But after the popcorn is eaten and the lights come up, remember that our actions today determine what greets us on the 22nd of December 2012.


Susan V.
Susan V7 years ago

Well we are definitely in hell right now with all the stuff going on....maybe heaven is coming!

Antoinette Reyes
Antoinette R7 years ago

I actually love the concept of the mayan calendar for I am an anthropology major and I hate how the media how twisted the concept and made the simple minded interpret it as the ending days. Truth is the calendar is a staircase that when it was being put back together it was already half way completed before they realized what it was so much of it was already out of order and they also have a pile of junk pieces that were unreadable and destroyed. They do not even know if it was the end of their calendar not to mention the calendar was a chart of the stars for agricultural purposes.

Also an important tid bit is that archaeologically every 5,500 years we enter into a new world age and our next one begins on the winter solstice (Dec 21) of 2012. We are entering either the 5th or 6th I can't seem to remember. =] just thought I would through a little bit of real history into this thread
--Antoinette M Reyes

Inez Deborah Altar

HE ALONE DECIDES but maybe a few enormities hasten something

Aneliya D.
Aneliya D7 years ago

Thank you for a stimulating article - and a very fresh look on this worn out topic! It is our actions and energy field that shape up and decide what happens then as we are making choices how to face the outcomes of bad choices and patterns of thinking. Dire emergencies like the BP oil spill disaster will be wake up calls - it will be up to us what we do with them. Thank you, Susan, for a great read and everybody for the insightful comments!

Janice P.
Janice P7 years ago

I have done a lot of reading and listening to radio programs on 2012. I do not know why the Mayan calendar goes only to that date. I do know, however, that we don't need prophecies of any kind to tell us that the world is coming to an end. If we just look around our planet, witness how we are treating it and each other, we can see that, withour major changes, we are going to bring about our own armageddon.

Brian B.
Brian Blommer7 years ago

I don't necessarily believe 2012 is going to be the end of the world or even catastrophic. But I think it's simplistic to assume our actions today are going to completely determine what life is going to look like.

We are going to be faced with crisis after crisis, the kinds of which the human race has never had experience dealing with before, all within our lifetime or our children's lifetime.

Even though I agree with the author's view on how our actions create our future, the tough questions are still going to remain for those less fortunate (i.e., those incarnating in places where mere survival prevents them from even being introduced to such lofty notions): Will we priviledged ones change our luxurious lifestyle enough to lessen the impact of global warming on third world countries? Will our collective (mostly corporate) greed be lessened enough to break our dependence on oil and embrace alternative energy sources? Will we regain control of our food sources, and will we finally learn to invest our resources into stopping world hunger?

More importantly, what does right action and right thinking look like? It's easy to champion this notion, but what does it really look like? I've been around some of the most articulate spiritual writers of our time, and yet the most concrete demonstration I've ever seen came from an anonymous man working at a meat counter, treating everyone with respect. That's walking the talk. How many of us could do that day after day?

Kay L.
KayL NOFORWARDS7 years ago

For the folks who keep mentioning Y2K as a busted hoax, believe me, it wasn't even though the public perception is that it was. The fact is that the warnings were so direful that companies and businesses actually heeded them and did something about them *before it was too late*. I personally know of at least one city that would have been wiped out by a poison gas discharge due to the Y2K coding problem had there not been a Y2K scare. How do I know? I was part of the team that identified the potential disaster and fixed the problem before it could happen.

Come on, folks. That Y2K was a huge let-down means that it was a huge success. Everything got fixed on time, so nothing horrible happened, but the potential for disaster was most definitely there.

Anne H.
Anne H7 years ago

I don't worry about 2012. It will happen or it won't. This reminds me of all the Y2K hype, when all the Michigan Militia types went out and bought generators and army rations. Nothing happened! The earth always heals herself. It's our arrogance that makes us believe that we will and should be around when that happens. We have some hard choices to make, as we are very near the tipping point.

Enrique Aburto H.


Angela B. Nussbaumer
Angela N7 years ago

Armageddon can be any day as long as 'human'-kind acts as stupidly, greedily and shortsightedly as it has been for the last 2000 years. The more intelligence there's to be generated, the less common sense there is and mindfulness and respect for our surroundings is getting less and less.

I just hope mother Earth has a couple of aces up her sleeves and that she'll be able to tell us a couple of harsh lessons making us suffer till we finally come to our senses.