21 Crazy Facts About Food Waste In America

The world learned some devastating truths about itself this past week. Not only did we learn that 9 out of 10 of us throw away food long before it’s spoiled, we also found out that all that rotting food is the third largest contributor to climate change.

Essentially, food waste is killing us and the planet.

Unlike other countries, where millions of people (mostly children) go to bed hungry every night, Americans have access to so much food that we’d rather throw it away rather than figure out how to cook with it or preserve it. We’re so surrounded by food that we’ve become obese and diabetic. We’ve got so much food to choose from that we’d literally throw away edible food because it’s ugly.

Feeling nauseous yet? Wait till you find out what this food waste problem is costing us.

More shocking food waste statistics in the infographic below. Thankfully, the graphic also includes some easy ways you can stop the food waste insanity and treat food with the respect it deserves.

21 Shocking U.S. Food Waste Facts & Statistics - Infographic

15 Ways to Use Kitchen Scraps & Unused Food


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William C
William C9 days ago

Thank you for caring.

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Sonia M25 days ago

Interesting post, thanks for sharing

Beryl L
Beryl L8 months ago

I cook all veggies with the peel on and eat the peel. It is true that is where the vitamins are and also makes them cook better if the peel in intact. why waste food and make extra work? just eat the whole vegetable as was intended. and who peels apples? the skin is the best part. adds fiber, pectin and vitamins, and minerals especially the minerals which are easily absorbed this way. I only throw away seeds and scrapings into the compost.
I find it hard to believe anyone reading does not already know that carrot peelings are good for you. Peeling is a waste of time.

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Sue H8 months ago

Thanks for re posting this article.

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I didn't want to post that last comment and can't figure out how to edit or remove it. There is really no use in 'shaming' anyone on anything, but we need to be aware of the issues and do what we can can to work towards a solution imho. Peace out.

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Shame on you US!!

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Shame on you US!!

Christine Jones
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No food waste in my household and here's why.
I shop with a list and try my best to resist impulse buys.
Whatever is close to code goes at the front of the fridge or on the kitchen bench to remind me to eat it first.
Whatever is no longer crisp and appealing but is still good is made into soups, pies, smoothies, etc.
After that the process is: To the cat if safe, to the dog if safe, to the birds if safe.
Anything left goes into the compost bin.

Carrie-Anne Brown

thanks for sharing :)