21 Handmade Floral Arrangements for Your Home

Floral arrangements are a nice touch to any abode. Whether sitting on your kitchen table or sprinkled in small vases throughout your home, the splash of bright colors looks nice and gives your place a homey vibe. The only problem is the wastefulness that might leave you feeling guilty. If you don’t have your own garden to pluck petals from, but you’re feeling the knack to adorn a piece of furniture or ledge with a handful of flowers, consider buying or making handmade bouquets from varied (and sometimes thought-provoking) materials. We’ve gathered some awesome arrangements from Etsy to get you started.



This beaded french rose from Budding Creations is about 3″ wide and the stem is about 12″ long. Positionable and requiring much patience to replicate, these flowers are made using glass seed beads and contain between 6,000-8,000 beads per flower.

If tulle is your thing, you could buy some fabric and get to cutting. It’s pretty easy to create in your favorite color, or you can custom-order from Paper Hill (discounts when you purchase six or more). They come in white, pink or grey, if you put your color choice in the notes to seller. Flower will measure approximately 16″ and will be tied to a white ribbon one yard long.



Ready to try out your own bouquet but unsure how to get started? If you like the end result in the photo posted here, consider purchasing a DIY kit to get you started on your own flower-making adventure. Pros To the Host says, “tissue pom poms are an easy and chic way to decorate your next event (baby showers, bridal showers, graduations, weddings etc).” The poms are made with high-quality tissue paper. “A step-by-step guide to fluffing your tissue pom poms will be available online.” If you want to start over, you can “defluff” your poms and reuse them again or recycle them.

Each kit contain 5 puffs: 2 large puffs (18″) and 3 medium puffs (12-14″). All poms are twisted with wire and each puff has a loop for easy hanging.

This set of nine wooden blooms are painted sea foam and tangerine. Uncommon takes wafer-thin oak veneer “that has been dry brushed with acrylic paints for a rustic look and then cut out and permanently affixed to wispy silver toned wire.” Each flower measures 2″ wide and the stems are 18″ tall and flexible for you to arrange.



Ffflowers has created this large bouquet of bright and happiness-inducing flowers made from recycled plastic bags. The shop says: “This is a bunch of 6 eco-daisies woven from strips cut from plastic shopping bags in assorted colors.” You get six daisies in six different colors, similar to the ones pictured here. The flowers are 3.5″ (9cm) across and stand 12″ (30cm) tall and proud on slender green wire stems (measurements approximate). Remember to keep your buds out of direct sunlight for long-lasting color.

If you really prefer the real thing, consider drying out a bundle of your favorite buds, or buy a bouquet of pre-dried flowers online. Family Dried Flowers sells sets like the beautiful pink, yellow and green bouquet pictured here. “This dried flower and herb bouquet is approximately 11 inches long by 7 inches wide and is handmade using golden yarrow, white pearly everlasting, goldenrod, awned wheat, phalaris, globe amaranth, painted poppy pod, dock, and purple yarrow.” Also perfect for a boho wedding!



Felt makes absolutely divine “fake” floral arrangements. These rosettes are about 55mm. in diameter and can be made to order in any color your heart desires, from England-based shop Stitched With Love UK. Colors pictured here include: Mustard, Maroon, Off-white, Baby Pink, Dusty Pink, Sage Green, Navy Blue & Baby Blue. 100% stitched and cut by hand.

Paper flower bouquets have been popular for quite some time now. The colorful collection pictured here from Flighty Fleurs in Virginia contains 15 stems. Stems are 12″ long and blooms are 2.5″ across. They say, “This bouquet is best suited for a 7″-9″ vase with a narrow opening, but you could trim or coil the stems (as I have done in the picture) to make them fit a smaller vase.” The flowers are made (punched) from acid-free archival papers, which are printed front and back, giving the bouquet a “dynamic quality.” Each flower is topped with a button amongst three layers of petals, each hand curled by the designer. The flowers are secured atop thread-wrapped green floral wire stems.



The husband and wife team at Robb Restyle has created this amazing floral art piece from authentic metal license plates. And it’s only $30! The center of the flower is cut from reclaimed solid wood and a rustic and aged license plate. The edge of the flower’s center is wrapped with pieces of license plates, and a picture hanger is mounted to the back for ease of hanging.

Idle Wild Creations found a beautiful upcycle for one of nature’s most prickly creations. Order a set and you’ll receive a “baker’s dozen (thirteen) varying sizes of freshly gathered sweetgum balls securely glued onto varying lengths of bamboo ‘stems’ and spray painted with your choice of colors.” You can also choose the stem length. Just think, you’ll get a contrast in texture—and a possible weapon when needed!



These simple satin flowers are made from one of Earth’s most comfortable fabrics. From Darlyn Dax, you can order the flowers in any color with any number of petals that you’ll need. Each flower is attached to a bendable stem made of florist wire and covered in floral tape. The pink buds pictured here are made from beautiful crepe-back satin with a shine on one side and a soft matte sheen on the other. Each flower is around 4 to 5 inches wide and can be made smaller. Each one is hand cut and sewn/singed.

What a beautiful upgrade for burlap! Made by ReDesign Accessories, this set of three roses is made from natural fabric that is left undyed. The stems come from the tree outside of the artist’s house.



These metal daisies are perfect for your garden. The set of three (made by Elements By Timbers) are also suitable for indoors, and come individually hand-formed so that no two are exactly alike. Flower heads are approximately 5.5 inches wide and have a slightly bent stem ranging between 18–24 inches long. The set is created from 18 gauge recycled raw metal and no finish is applied to the product. Discarded and miscolored paints are used, and custom orders are encouraged.

Pom Pom Play created this gorgeous set of three hanging flower garlands. Shabby chic to the max! Each blossom measures approximately 7 x 6 cm – 2.8 x 2.4 inches, and they are tied on a natural hemp string.



If super creative and wacky are what you’re going for, consider these scrubby pop top flowers from Winky Wonk Whimsy. The artist says: “They are made from pop tabs and scrubbers along with various found objects for the center. I sewed the pop tabs on two of them, but the rest are glued.”

Another popular take on the paper flower bouquet are these book craft blooms that can be found from various artists. The bouquet pictured here (from Anthology on Main) is romantically made from the pages of Pride and Prejudice. The bundle comes with twelve single-stem book flower roses. These beautiful flowers measure 12″ long.



“Have a favorite liquid refreshment?” asks Etsy shop Crafty Mountain Mama. If so, allow her to make you a small, custom bouquet of seven flowers of your choosing—made out of recycled cans!—in a painted pot.

These simple blooms are made from – you guessed it – colorful duct tape. 4 A Cause Mart creates the three-piece bouquet from their collection of tape to fit your personality and room decor.



Sarah n Dippitie create this wreath with coffee filters attached to a willow frame. Measuring approximately 17 inches across at its widest point, the set of three brown-tipped filters sports green leaves and is permanently fastened to the wreath. Great for indoor decorating with neutral tones that match almost any color scheme.

If buttons are your thing, you might enjoy this cozy bouquet from Earth Gatherings. The vintage pieces are approximately 6.5 inches high and 2.5 inches across at the widest part of the posy head. Great for gift giving!



Another felt project, this simple project from Berry Island takes its inspiration from bluebell flowers. Perfect for a small bud vase or a collection of bottles, this flower arrangement is made of five stems of wool pom pom flowers. Each piece is needlefelted out of 100% wool in vintage tapestry. The biggest bulb is 3/4 inches around and the smallest has a 0.5 inch diameter. Each stem uses fine bendable florist wire, patiently coiled with frayed strips of mustard, pale blue, and white Heather Bailey cotton.



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