21 July 4th Crafts for Summer Fun!

Here in the U.S., Independence Day is coming up later this week. Check out some of these fun July 4th crafts that you and the kids can make together!

Aren’t holiday crafts fun? Crafting is such a fun way to entertain the kiddos when they’re out of school, and any time there’s a holiday coming up doing some themed crafts is kind of a no-brainer, isn’t it? Check out these fun July 4th crafts that you and the kids can make together to get your red, white and blue on!

1. Fireworks Sprinkles – You might not want your kids eating brightly-colored sprinkles, but they’ll love making firework art out of them.

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2. Paper Lanterns – Grab a star-shaped decorative punch and make some pretty, patriotic paper lanterns.

3. Coffee Filter Flowers – This tutorial calls for new filters, but you can actually rinse and dry used coffee filters to make these red, white, and blue flowers.

july 4th bunting

4. Festive Bunting – Bust out those pinking shears, and let the kids dig into your fabric stash to create a simple July 4th decoration in less than half an hour.

5. Wax Paper Crayon Stars – Grab those broken red, white, and blue crayons and turn them into cute decorations! Just make sure you supervise your kids around the iron. If they’re really small, you may need to do this yourself while they watch the magic happen.

6. Homemade Play Dough – Whip up some homemade play dough in patriotic colors. Divide the dough into thirds, and leave one third uncolored for the white, and dye the other two red and blue!

7. Hanging Stars – Instead of new paper, let the kids paint on junk mail with red, white, and blue paint before folding and assembling these pretty stars.

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photo and graphic by Becky Striepe

Sandy Handprint

8. Make a Sandy Handprint – Heading to the beach this 4th of July? Make a crafty beach keepsake!

9. DIY Firecracker – Use an old toilet paper or paper towel roll to make a fun firecracker for the kids to play with.

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10. Tin Can Windsock – Grab an old can that you opened with a safety can opener, and let the kids go to town!

11. Simple Flag Prints – This is another craft that calls for new paper but would be just as fun on reclaimed paper, like junk mail fliers.

4th of July Prints

12. Pinwheels – These printable DIY pinwheels will encourage your kids to take them outside to play when they’re done.

13. Queen Anne’s Lace Fireworks – Do some nature crafting! The kids will love watching the flowers take in beautiful colors.

14. Fizzing Fireworks – A little craft and a little science will delight your little ones.

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photos by Julie Finn and Tisha Smith

July 4th Luminaries

15. DIY Luminaries – Turn some old glass jars into pretty star luminaries.

16. Painted Wood Flag – Grab some scrap wood and paint. Help your kids with the taping, and they’ll have a beautiful flag without needing to do super-precise painting.

17. Colored Rice Jars – Dye some white rice to make these fun layered art pieces.

4th of July Sparklers

18. DIY “Sparklers” – Grab an old magazine or junk mail catalog and create fun sparklers to play with.

19. 3-D Cardboard Stars – You’ll want to supervise the scoring, and help littler kids the hot glue to make these reclaimed cardboard stars.

20. Newspaper Pom Poms – Raid the recycle bin for some old newspapers and make these fun pom poms!

21. Ribbon Streamer – This tutorial uses a popsicle stick, but you could just as easily make this with a good stick that you find in the backyard!

Do you have any kid crafts planned for this week? Share your ideas in the comments!

photos by Amanda Formaro and Bonnie Getchell

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