21 Ways To Cool Off When You’re Hot!

When summer temperatures soar, you can suffer, or you can turn on the AC, or you can try one of these simple easy tricks.    Suffering through the heat can not only ruin your day and sleep, it can even be dangerous. Not everyone has an air conditioner or WANTS to use one for eco reasons.

21 Ways to Keep Cool During a Heat Wave:

1. Drink cold specialty water frequently. What do we mean by specialty? Add mint leaves, or lemon or cucumber slices to your water and it will pack some extra refreshment.

2.Keep the back of your neck cool by putting a damp cold terry cloth on the back of your neck. This helps your whole body feel cooler — tried and tested!

3. Run cold water over your wrists for 10 – 15 seconds.  This strange trick will reduce your body temperature for almost an hour.

4. Soak your feet in a bucket of cold water. Once again, this will help cool the whole body.

5. Walk around in your underwear, swimsuit or nothing! if you are at home and no one is around.

6. Do not wear polyester, or other artificial fibers (there are newly designed performance fabrics which may be OK). Wear light weight natural fabric (cotton, silk, linen) summer clothing.  Light colored clothing works best since it reflects light and heat. Dark color clothing absorbs heat, staying warm.

7. Wear a wet t-shirt; use lukewarm water so it is not too shocking.

8. Keep the sun out. As soon as the sun hits your house in the morning, close all blinds, drapes and windows on the east side of the house. This can be as early as 5 or 6 in the morning. Also, keep doors and windows closed during out the hottest part of the day.

9. Open all windows when it is cooler at night air to let cool air blow in throughout the evening.

10.  Leave all interior doors open (closets and kitchen cabinets) helps, too. When closed, they store daytime heat and your house won’t cool off as much at night.

11. Turn off appliances (stove or oven), lighting and computers when not in use. They all create heat; computers are big heat creators.  Use appliances during the coolest part of the day.

12.  Eat raw foods like green smoothies, salads or a sandwich.

13. During the day, don’t take a hot shower. Instead, take your shower at night.

14.  Wash dishes and clothes or cook after dark.

Fans don't cool rooms, they cool people ... or pets.

15. Fans don’t cool rooms, they cool people. The heat generated by the motor actually increases the  room heat; the cooling effect is only if it can help you sweat! (see 20)  A fan going in an unoccupied room is just a waste of electricity.

16. Use a fan on your body. Fans blowing air over the skin increases evaporation, thus cooling the body.

17. Use a fan to bring cooler air from outside. This of course only works if it’s cooler outside. Open another window across the room to provide good cross ventilation.

18. Turn on your stove ventilator hood fan or open up your chimney flue. These will also draw hot air out of the house and pull cooler evening air into the house.

19.  Make cool bedding: When you get up, hang your bedding up in the coolest room in the house (in the basement, or where there’s the most shade) till the end of day.

20.  Create a cool pillow: Tightly enclose your pillow in three plastic bags then put in the freezer two hours before you go to bed. The plastic bags help keep ice from forming on the fabric.

21. Eat Foods to Keep You Cool.

Have you ever eaten a hot chile and that seemed like it was going to burn your mouth?  There are also foods that do the opposite and cool your system, although not as drastically.

Check out this list of the 8 Most Cooling Foods For Your Body. I have also added my favorite cooling recipes below.

Watermelon Popsicle s: photo by Growing a Green Familly

Cooling Recipes Note: All my recipes are vegetarian, gluten- free and white sugar-free.

Fresh Mint TeaThis is a traditional tea in many desert countries like Morocco, Turkey and Egypt for good reason!

Watermelon Popsicles:  Video and  recipe. These are so good and they are NOT just for kids.


Jane R.
Jane R3 years ago

Some good tips. However you can't wait till after dark to cook when it doesn't get dark until almost 9PM during daylight savings time.

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Alan Lambert3 years ago

Forwarded this to those it will help, thanks for sharing

Gail Edenson
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I am going to try this.

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Will definitely be using these tips come summer in Australia. Thank you very much for sharing.

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Thanks for sharing!

Joy S.
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we wear cotton t-shirts and not much else when it is really hot but we live way out in the boonies.

Lisa Zilli
Lisa Zilli3 years ago

I like to get self-serve frozen yogurt when it's hot.

Zahra I.
Zahra I3 years ago

Thanks for the ideas, I have tried some, bit will have to try a few more of these!