24 Creative Ways to Reuse Oatmeal Containers

Thereís more to do with your average oatmeal container than throw it away after itís delivered you a series of tasty breakfasts. Here are 24 fun ideas that will get you upcycling that old oatmeal canister into something new and fun and useful again.

1.†Valentineís box.†Our buddy Bonnie teaches you how to turn an unassuming oatmeal canister into a lovely gift box for Valentineís Day.

2.†circular picture frames.†These are much more visually interesting than the typical rectangular picture frames.

3.†diorama.†Because you come across WAY more oatmeal boxes than shoeboxes.

4.†doll chair.†Your doll needs somewhere contemporary casual to sit her tushie.

5.†doll cradle.†It even rocks!

6. drum.†Every kid needs to make a drum out of an oatmeal canister.

7.†fairy house.†Your indoor plants want to be made into fairy gardens, too!

8.†garden planter.†Little potted plants can live happily in this hanging planter.

9.†headband holder.†An oatmeal container is the perfect diameter to use as a headband holder, and it has ample storage for other hair pretties inside.

10. lamp.†Yes, the base of this lamp IS made from an oatmeal container!

11.†luminary.†Use a battery-operated tea light, and nobody will know that itís not a candle.

12.†marble painting.†Kids LOVE the messy fun of marble painting, made less messy with an oatmeal canister.

13.†mushroom house.†The tiny toys are going to love their new home.

14.†nature collecting can.†Take this on hikes, and you wonít have to worry about crushing all your little treasures as you transport them home.

15.†planetarium.†Put on your own, at-home planetarium show with this portable projector.

16. ribbon storage.†This tutorial teaches a clever way to turn an oatmeal container into accessible ribbon storage.

17.†shelf.†This project utilizes an oatmeal canister screwed into the wall to make a permanent shelf and storage cubby.

18.†sorting box.†Toddlers love this game.

19.†storage container.†Add pretty paper or fabric, and that old oatmeal canister can hold anything, and look fine doing it.

20. tall vase.†The tall vase that you can make using this tute is perfect for displaying bamboo or tall, decorative grasses.

21.†toy car wash.†Your kidís Hot Wheels are filthy.

22.†toy windmill.†Kids will love making this toy windmill that really works.

23.†tree stump.†Need a tree stump? Hereís a tree stump!

24.†castle tower.†If youíve got a kid who loves castles, this fun craft for kids is the cheapest way to give them one.

Have more ideas for fun crafts for kids made from oatmeal containers? Tell me about†them in the comments below!


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Holly D4 years ago

Let's not forget making it into a drum!

Ganaisha Calvin
Ganaisha Calvin4 years ago

Can you keep it to refill with bulk oats?

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Laura M.
Laura M4 years ago

I use them to store baking flour in. I empty the bag into them and then remove the oatmeal label. Then I cut open the flour bag and cut out the portion that shows the type of flour and nutrition section and tape that around the oatmeal canister. Of course I only do that part once because then when I buy new bags of flour I just empty them in to my already-labeled canister. Flour is SO much easier this way, no messy bags. Not a craft thing I realize, but thought I'd share anyway. :-)