25 Easy Homemade Gift Ideas

Once Thanksgiving rolls around, I try to stay as far away as possible from any mall or shopping center. There’s nothing that kills holiday joy like traffic, crowds, greed and consumerism at its peak.

If you want to avoid the malls, but don’t want to feel like a Scrooge this holiday season, consider giving homemade presents. Gifts made by hand are not only cheaper and greener than store-bought gifts, but also the physical act of making something can be therapeutic and ease any holiday-related stress. The following 25 gift ideas are easy for anyone to create.

Gifts from the Kitchen:

If cooking for others, consider including a tag that describes what ingredients are in your treats to avoid allergy issues.

  • For the health-conscious among your friends, try this fabulous recipe for granola. A vegan-version is included.
  • Have a friend with a sweet tooth? Try one of the following homemade candies:

-Homemade Maple Magic Candy
-Pull Taffy
-Pumpkin Seed Crackle Recipe
-Sea Salt Caramels

If you’re overwhelmed by the large amount of cookies and candy that tend to pile up during these months, try some of the following longer-lasting ingredients. Your friends will think of you each time they reach for your gift:

  • Ginger syrup– This is not only delicious, but is also a healing gift. It would be an especially thoughtful treat for someone prone to stomach distress, arthritis or a heart condition. You can find directions in this article.

Want to escape cookies and candy altogether? Try these:


Gifts for the Bath and Body:

Any of these body treats would look wonderful presented in a glass jar with a custom tag. Make sure to let your recipient know if refrigeration is required.

Related: 7 Gifts You can Make in a Mason Jar


Have any friends who just recently bought a home? Any of the following would be an excellent house warming gift.

Gifts for the Home:

Why not make your potpourri even more special by creating the bowl it comes in. Try this DIY paper bowl and decorate it with a print that represents your friendís personality:

Donít forget about your friendsí pets! Include cats and dogs in the gift-giving with one of the following recipes:

These can look really nice if you put them in a glass jar with a custom label or tag with the recipe that you used. Again, it is good to list ingredients to avoid any potential allergy problems.


  • There’s nothing like receiving a cozy, hand-knit gift. If youíre a knitter, consider extending your recipient base to various charity organizations. In this post, you can find some organizations that are looking for knitted blankets, socks and scarves.
  • If you enjoy sewing, hand-sewn belts or ornaments are always an excellent gift. Each year, a family friend gives us small pillow-ornaments with cross-stitched patterns. We have a special tree dedicated exclusively to all of these beautiful ornaments.
  • If youíre a seasoned painter, or want to implore your creativity a little more, consider making someone a hand-painted dish.
  • Donít know what to put the gifts in? If you have something small enough, try these gift bags made of recycled envelopes. Or place you gift in a basket filled with other goods. Create a theme for your basket to make it extra special.

What gifts do you plan on giving this year? Please share your ideas!


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