25 Handmade State Pride Crafts

In celebration of Christopher Columbus’s arrival in the New World on October 12th, 1492 (celebrated as Columbus Day) we decided to round up some very cool handmade wares that sport some of your favorite states. So whether that’s your hometown, current residence or the place where you met your beloved, enjoy flipping through these amazing creations.

Almost all of the items listed here can be made for any state in the U.S. (and some other countries as well), so don’t fret if we neglected to list something for your favorite state. Simply click the store name and see what they have to offer. You can also “convo” any shop owner and ask them questions about their custom options. Or take the internet in your own hands to find shoes, jewelry, art and household items inspired by your favorite states and cities. Happy browsing!


Not particularly beholden to any one state but feeling patriotic? We wanted to kick things off with this awesome embroidered adjustable necklace of the continental 48 (sorry, Hawaii and Alaska!) from Il Gatto Selvatico.

Another clever use of the states is this adorable tote bag that features a celebrity next to their hometown state. Welcome back, Alaska and Hawaii! From Melangerie NYC.


This California desk is large and pricey to own, just like the state it resembles. From Jared Rusten.

If Georgia is on your mind, you might enjoy checking yourself out in this state-shaped mirror from Flux Glass.


They say it’s “almost heaven,” and if you agree, you can show your West Virginia pride with this print from 1 Canoe 2.

Show off pride for Wisconsin with this bamboo necklace from the super-popular shop Truche.


Like the necklace idea but not as keen on bamboo? Get your state pride on with this acrylic necklace, pictured here in the shape of Kentucky. Also from Truche.

If acrylic isn’t your speed either, our last attempt to woo you to Truche comes in the form of their sterling silver pendant, this one shown in the shape of Oklahoma.


If your heart resides firmly in Oregon, you could shout it from the highway with this car decal from Oodles Decals.

Bodhicitta features T-shirts and stickers sporting their hometown state of North Carolina. Other states need not apply here.


If you not only love Washington but have a hankering for Seattle specifically, you can hang this adorable print in your home with pride. From CAPow.

CAPow also makes these adorable typography prints that feature city names throughout the interior of the state outline. This one, of course, is New York.


If stars fell on your sweet home, you must be from Alabama. Feel pride with this wall art from Christy B Designs.

This Kentucky print from the aptly named For the Love of Maps features lyrics to an old traditional Stephen Foster tune within the state borders.


If you prefer to show your love in the kitchen, nab one of these state cutting boards (pictured here in the shape of New Jersey) from AHeirloom.

If you prefer your art prints super-simple, clamor onto this sweet serenade to Tennessee from MereleeMade.


If you still don’t own anything with the “keep calm” logo, consider this fun print, where The Pickle Shop lets you pick your state and your color scheme. (Pictured here for Alaska.)

If the hearts featured in the previous necklaces weren’t doing it for you, maybe this gold-filled outline of Louisiana from Love and Gold will do the trick.


If color is what you’re after, your favorite necklace of the bunch just might be this colored patina look from Poisonberry Jewelry. Pictured here repping Montana.

Shown here in grey and Missouri, these adorable prints from Rooted in Paper can be made in any color or state your little heart desires.


If you’ve got nothing but bleeding love for New Mexico, we invite you to pick up this print from the talented people at Poppy and Pinecone.

If you’re smiling ear to ear in North Dakota, invite others to join in with this print from Geographic Designer.


We can’t get over the amazing artistry in these nail and string art pieces from Woo Pig Craftology who, of course, hails from the great state of Arkansas.

If you met your one true love in the state of Maine, remember that moment well with this print from Two Sarahs.


Brass and Chain makes their business out of creating city-specific jewelry, like this awesome necklace homage to Omaha, Nebraska.




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Keith Barkley
Keith Barkley5 years ago

Was a wonderful idea.

Karen Martinez
Karen Martinez5 years ago

Interesting, but would have to choose between where I lived the first 30 years of my life, and the second 30. Neat ideas tho. Thanks for the article!

Marla T.
Marla T.5 years ago

In South Dakota, the late Gov. George S. Mickelson, had this changed to Native American Day to improve race relations. This should be done all across America. After all, we were here first.

Donna Hamilton
Donna Hamilton5 years ago


Gloria H.
Gloria H5 years ago

maybe the best thing for Columbus day would be a compass...so he would have known he wasn't in India. Had the indigenous people known what was going to happen to them years down the line, they would have pulled in the welcome mat.

Jennifer C.
Past Member 5 years ago

Thanks for sharing.

Nicole Weber
Nicole W5 years ago

hmm, thanks

John B.
John B5 years ago

Thanks Jo for the slide show and info but was disappointed not to see Ohio represented. Guess I'll just have to come up with my own design :~)

Carol Burk
Carol Burk5 years ago

Ah well. I don't need a state-shaped anything to let people know I'm from New Orleans! They seem to catch on quickly. But I do like the cute map-necklaces or keyring fobs or whatever- something easy to make, too.

Nancy Cornett
Nancy Jo Cornett5 years ago

Columbus's character and deeds in no way earned a celebration in his name. Some folks are now celebrating Indigenous people day.