25 Yoga Poses to Help Prevent a UTI

If you’re prone to urinary tract infections (UTIs), you know how frustrating and painful they can be. While a yoga practice can’t cure a UTI, these poses may help prevent the next one.

I’ve written before about my own recurring UTIs and some of the natural remedies I use to prevent them. Before we get to the yoga poses that have helped me out, I wanted to stress two important things:

1. I’m not a doctor. I’ve done a lot of research on this subject, because I’ve struggled with UTIs for more than three decades. I’ve learned a lot, and this is me sharing what I’ve learned.

2. If you think that you have a UTI, see a doctor. Bladder infections are more than just painful. If you let a UTI go untreated, it can lead to a kidney infection. Even a severe UTI is enough to debilitate you. The worst bladder infection I ever had made me so nauseated and dizzy that I couldn’t stand up. If I’d treated my condition earlier on, I would have needed a lot less medication to recover.

Are you prone to UTIs? The yoga moves below just might be able to help! When I’m good about doing this routine, I have noticed that I don’t get as many infections. Even if it’s just psychosomatic, doing some extra yoga can’t hurt, right?

These moves stretch and strengthen your lower back, belly, and the sides of your body. You can do some or all of the yoga poses below, though I did compile it as a complete series with therapeutic poses and counter-poses.

1. Lotus Pose – This is such a great warm up to practice. I like to add some neck rolls, just for kicks.

2. Cat and Cow – Instead of holding this, it’s nice to go back and forth between the two about a dozen times, especially on a cold morning. It gets the blood flowing!

3. Staff Pose – It might look like not much is going on here, but if you’re focusing on keeping your back straight and legs flexed, this is a really active pose.

4. Reverse Plank – Back bends are awesome for your posture and your kidneys!

5. Bridge Pose – Another back bend!

6. Upward Bow – This pose looks tough, but it’s really about wrapping your head around it more than anything. Plus, you feel like a superstar when you push up into it!

7. Boat Pose – Hello there, abs! You can modify this by bending your legs if straight legs are too tough.

8. Gate – This is one of my favorites! That side stretch feels so awesome.

9. Wide Legged Forward Bend – The back stretch is nice after all those backbends. There’s a nice stretch up the sides of your legs, too.

10. Big Toe Pose – This is another nice counter pose to the backbends.

11. Half Lord of the Fishes – Who doesn’t love a good spinal twist?

12. Head to Knee – Another counter to all of that backward bending.

13. Seated Forward Bend – Like Staff, Seated Forward Bend is tougher than it looks.

14. Marichyasana I – This pose is a little tricky to figure out, but so worth it!

15. Revolved Head to Knee – This is a wonderful stretch through the sides of your body.

16. Cobra Pose – More back bends! The next few are all back bends where you start out lying on your belly.

17. Sphinx Pose – This is a nice gentle back bend.

18. Half Frog – Another one that’s new to me, this pose is serious business!

19. Upward Dog – I love how this stretches the whole front of the body.

20. Downward Facing Dog – Down Dog is another nice counter pose to all that back bending. If your back needs a little more love, you might push back into Child Pose for a bit before continuing on with your practice.

21. Forward Fold – Gravity does most of the work in this posture. You get to just sort of hang out there.

22. Lord of the Dance – This is a challenging balance pose, so don’t fret if you can’t hold it for long. Just keep at it, and it gets easier.

23. Garland Pose – My knees are always happy to do a squat near the end of this series.

24. Supported Shoulder Stand – You can do this with or without props. It’s easier with.

25. Plow – You can transition into plow right from Shoulder Stand.

As with any practice, you want to end your series with some relaxation. Corpse Pose (#12 on this list) lets your body recover and absorb the benefits of all that good work you just did!

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