26 Healthy Slimming Tips

Here are my best 26 ideas for a healthy slim body – one for each of the years I spent actively experimenting, researching and teaching health approaches.

Some of these tips are very simple strategies that you can easily add with just a little pre-planning.

Some are definitely more involved and you would have to determine for yourself whether they would be worth it. From my own experience they most certainly are!

Tips or Ideas to Add to Your Life

1. Drink lots of water. This is one of the easiest and most effective ways to accelerate weight loss. You will be cleansing out toxins and guess where toxins reside. In fat cells so remove toxins and the fat cells will drop away too.

2. Eat a healthy clean breakfast every day. If you skip breakfast your body goes into starvation mode and stores fat. What is meant by clean? Remember the morning is when you are breaking the fast so what ever you eat first will continue the cleansing. Best to start with some fruit to assist the morning cleanse. The side benefit is that your brain needs to get some quick nourishment so it can function which is what the natural sugars will help with.

3. Eat lots of vegetables mostly green ones. You can eat as many green vegetables as you want! There is no limit. No one ever got fat from eating too many green vegetables. They are full of vitamins and minerals and are alkaline forming.

4.  Eat a big salad every day with healthy home made Salad-dressings. Salads are filled with easy to digest vitamins and minerals, are alkalizing and ensure you get some food that is raw which we need some of even in the winter. Check out some tasty Salad Recipes

5. Always have healthy snack food ready to eat (cut veggies and soaked nuts and seeds). This will make sure you are not reaching for a cookie, chips, candy or some other junk food.

6. Make sure that the balance of your food is alkaline forming. If you do all of the above then you will be creating a balance of 80% Alkaline forming and 20% Acid forming in your daily diet.

7. Eat at regular intervals throughout the day to keep cravings in check. When you do this you will be keeping your blood sugar level and not go into starving mode. You know what happens when you are starving for something to eat. You are not so rational and will eat anything to satisfy the hunger.

8. Eat properly combined meals consistently and you will not gain weight. When the foods you eat are not combined properly, you could be causing them to spoil in your stomach causing you to have toxins to remove.

  • Protein foods require a highly acidic environment for digestion which begins in the stomach with hydrochloric acid.
  • Carbohydrates (starches, fruit and sugars) and fats require an alkaline environment for digestion which begins in the mouth with the enzyme ptyalin.

9. Move your body for fun; go for at least one walk a day. Couch potatoes gain weight easily and this is not healthy in any way. Your body likes to move to keep create flexibility, strength and the bonus is we that the pounds will drop away if we do enough.

10. Pack healthy snacks for your day out. Once you are out in the world there are way too many unhealthy temptations so make sure you have your snack with you. Even if you are usually attracted to junk food when you are hungry you will reach for the closest thing to eat.

11. Eat a wide variety of healthy foods to get the vitamins and minerals your body needs. When you are getting all of the nutrients your body requires to do its job you will be fully nourished. If you do not then your body feels starved and reaches out for something to nourish it right now. Reach for some salty chips which did not do, then it is on to a chocolate bar, that did work so about some Buffalo wings but still hungry so lets have some cake. See how the cravings just keep yo-yoing between salty and sweet. Basically the body is starving and needing real nourishment so you cannot blame it for having cravings. Eat the wide variety of healthy foods and you will see the cravings drop away.

Unhealthy Stuff to Get Rid Of or Reduce To the Best of Your Ability

12. Eliminate all preservatives, food colourings, additives and non prescription drugs.

13. No artificial sweeteners. Research has shown that not only do they have a detrimental effect on our health they also help us to gain weight. Know that an artificial sweetener without calories is not the answer. We now know that they actually create weight gain!

14. Eliminate coffee, pops, black tea, alcohol and other unhealthy drinks. These are energy exhausters in the long run.

15. Eliminate all junk food. Eat Real Food!

16. Eliminate dumb carbs. Eat Smart Carbs.

17. Eliminate refined sugar. Eat food that is naturally sweet.

18. Eliminate anything that feeds Candida. Eat whole foods with no sugar and do all of the above and you will be eliminating it.

19. Eliminate wheat and wheat products. It is highly acid forming, incredibly high glycemic index and usually genetically modified. Our Vital Health Testing consistently shows it is not good for almost everybody while other gluten grains are positive or less negative.  Read Wheat Belly Blues.

Strategies To Learn

20. Have quiet time for yourself. Nourishing you is needed very much to be fully balanced.

21. Spend time with close friends and family. This can be very nourishing.

22. Learn how to handle stress. Stress can cause you to suffer from headaches, anger, drug abuse, eating disorders and fatigue.

23. Breathe Deeply. This will help with stress, sleeping, digesting your food and feed your muscles so they can develop.

24. Get in touch with your body. You can eat what your body likes once you have eliminated the unhealthy stuff.

25. Get good quality sleep. This will help you to perform well in work or school or as an at home parent.

26. Counting calories does not work for weight loss. All calories are not created equal thus will not have the same effect on your weight or health.

Adapted from the upcoming BootCamp classes Healthy Weight Loss BootCamp

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