28 Day Beginner Lunges Challenge

Lunges are underrated. This exercise tones the thighs, calves, butt and core. In fact, if you want to lose belly fat, forget crunches and start doing lunges.

As I’ve mentioned before, workout challenges are a great way to build consistency. I highly recommend you take on this challenge if you’ve been struggling with inconsistency.

Here’s the 28-day beginner lunges challenge.

28 day beginner lunges challenge

Learn how to perform these exercises properly before starting the challenge.

Alternating lunges

Stand upright, keep your feet hip-width apart and place your hands on your hips.

Lunge forward with the right leg, then bend both knees and lower your hips until both knees are bent at 90 degrees.

Rise and pull back the right leg to starting position. Lunge forward with the left leg and keep alternating legs after each rep.

Keep the torso upright all the time and make sure the front knee doesn’t extend past the toes when you lunge forward.


Pulse lunges

Stand upright and then take a long step forward.

Bend the front knee as you lower the butt and rear knee.

Rise up to straighten both legs then pulse down again and keep repeating this movement.

Do the same number of reps for each leg.


Side lunges

Stand upright and place your hands on your hips.

Make a wide stride with the left leg to the left side, and then bend the left knee to lunge downwards. Keep the torso upright.

Pull the left leg back to starting position and then lunge again.

Feel free to alternate legs after each rep.


Reverse lunges

Stand upright and then take a long step backward with the left leg.

Bend both knees and lower your hips until the rear knee almost touches the floor. The front knee should be bent at 90 degrees and shouldn’t extend past the toes.

Rise and bring the left leg forward to complete the rep. Alternate legs after each rep.


Is this challenge challenging enough for you?


Margie F
Margie FOURIE2 years ago

I do believe in lunges.

Krzysztof J
Krzysztof J2 years ago


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Marzena B2 years ago


Marcin J
Marcin J2 years ago


Lisa M
Lisa M2 years ago


Lisa M
Lisa M2 years ago


heather g
heather g2 years ago

Thanks for that - I've never tried the back-stepping lunge. I'll include that in my fitness exercises.

ERIKA SOMLAI2 years ago

thank you

Leanne K
Leanne K2 years ago

Im up for it!

M. M
M. M2 years ago

I also can't do lunges due to my right knee... but I replaced this exercise for others with same target ;-)