3 Cat DIY Projects That Think Outside The Litter Box

Once upon a time, a cat was just a cat. Kitty would have a bed, a bowl and maybe something to scratch on so it wouldnít wreck the furniture. For most of us, our cats are fully integrated members of our family. They lounge, sleep, play, and sometimes keep a rodent problem at bay. Letís celebrate our four-legged friends by creating a few fun things for them to enjoy.

My pets are often the recipients of DIY projects. So, I was elated to discover Moderncat. Letís face it, thereís tons of Doggie DIY, but cats are sometimes overlooked. Moderncat is a resource for cat owners with a contemporary style. Moderncat searches for cat products and resources that not only complement a modern aesthetic, but also present functionally innovative ideas that make living with cats an even more enjoyable experience. In a clear and concise format, Moderncat combines product reviews for cat owners, along with wonderful DIY projects. Hereís a sampling:

3 DIY Cat Projects

1. Cat Mouse Toy

These dapper little mice are constructed from recycled menís suit and shirt fabrics. Follow the Moderncat link for complete instructions and download-able pattern.

2. Recycled Cardboard Kitty Pad

This fun cat pad uses old corrugated cardboard boxes to make a stylish scratching pad.

3. Kitty Condoís seem to be all the rage in the DIY cat world. Last year, I wrote about a cat house, the Caboodle. It combined kids, cats and a lot of fun. This Kitty Condo (main image above) has it all and more Ė aesthetic appeal, cat fun, and you can make it yourself. Follow this demo video and make a 3-section kitty condo from a few basic supplies.

Got a cool cat? Donít forget to check out the ever-popular Cat Sweater Hoodie Knitting Pattern.


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Justina Fedorchuk
Justina F2 years ago

Great stuff, thanks

Cheryl Mallon-Bond

I worry about the caulking toxicity...anyone ever read the labels of that stuff! TOXIC! It didn't mention the type of adhesive...but I doubt ANY type is non-toxic. Does anyone know of any that aren't?

da c.
Past Member 3 years ago

Neat ideas! Thank you.

Joan S.
Joan S3 years ago

Like the recycled cardboard but it does make a mess

Sonia Minwer-Barakat Requ
Sonia M4 years ago

Love the ideas & hope my cats will love it too.

Natasha Salgado
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I love it!! I'll def be making one for my kitties! Thanks

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So cute.

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