3 DIY Projects That Keep Your Stuff Out Of The Recycling Bin

When I stumble across an ingeniously designed product that screams out DIY PROJECT, I am inspired to make it myself. I particularly like items that are useful, rather than solely decorative – simple to make, rather than complicated. It’s also a bonus if the piece is without many added costs for materials. In essence, nicely designed and useful DIY items that keep junk out of my recycling bin and out of the local landfill, make my day!

DIY Magazine Stool (image above)

Got magazines? I do, and now I’m feeding them into creating stools instead of dumping the mags off at my recycling center.

Directions: You’ll need two extra-large straps or belts. They should be adjustable to make it easy to sneak a few magazines into your collection. Scrap wood for the base and a magazine-sized cushion.

Don’t want to make one? Then you can fork over $185.

DIY Felted Cup Cozy

Drink hot tea? I do. When I spied a stunning handmade teapot cradled by what looked like a sweater sleeve, I had to recreate it. You can see the teapot here. It inspired me to make this super easy felted cup holder.

Directions: Using an old wool sweater, follow these felting directions. Measure the cup you want to cover and cut the sleeve cuff to size. I positioned the ribbing on the bottom because the cup I used tapered.

Don’t want to make one? Then it will cost $140 for the teapot and cozy.

Wine Bottle Garden Border

Like wine? I do, and after a party my recycling bin runneth over with glass bottles. Why not edge your garden with a colorful wine bottle border?

Directions: Remove labels. Dig a trench around the perimeter of the area to mark the border. Invert wine bottles and place them next to each other in the trench. Fill soil around the bottles.

Don’t want to DIY? Wooden garden edging can cost you in the hundreds.

Here are 10 more surprising ways to reuse wine bottles in your garden.

Want more inspired DIY projects? Please check out all the fun projects on my Econesting blog. Thank you!

Credits: Swiss Miss, Jen Kiaba for Econesting, ReadyMade


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Deborah D.
Deborah D6 years ago

upcycling is so awesome...too bad I don't have old wool sweaters.
And too bad I have sworn not to start any new hobbies until I get caught up on scrapbooks, start the applique tree skirt I have had supplies for (5 years now), and once I finish that goal...who knows what other things I will have found????

Trudy Killa
Trudy Killa6 years ago

Great idea. A friend of mine used hundreds of wine corks to make a backsplash for her kitchen.She is just too creative. She also used the bottles as part of her kitchen window decor.
Thanks for the article, I would not have that of that- not creative. Also liked the tea cozy idea.

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Tiffany Austin

I love these! I am always reclaiming items & upcycling! These are 3 things I haven't tried yet - thank you!

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