3 Foods that Help Support a Balanced Metabolism

There are lots of weight loss gimmicks out there that claim to completely and utterly rev up your metabolism, helping you burn fat and lose weight. While there certainly are some substances that can help you boost your metabolism, the reality may be more subtle.

If you’re interested in supporting weight loss and helping increase your base metabolic rate, there are three natural substances that studies suggest may help you do it. Here’s what you need to know.


Using lemons, and specifically lemon water, to complement a heathy diet may help you lose weight and support a healthy metabolism. On its own, water is great for weight loss — numerous studies have shown that staying well-hydrated can help you avoid overeating by keeping you satiated, Healthline reports. Drinking lemon water throughout the day can also help reduce water retention, helping you avoid bloating.

Furthmore, lemons themselves may have some proven benefits for revving up your metabolism.

“Lemons are rich in potassium, which is a key nutrient for healthy metabolism,” triple board-certified nutritionist Dana James told Forbes. “Also, since it aids in the digestion of proteins and fats, it may play an indirect role in the production and fueling of muscles that can improve your ability to burn calories.”

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar helps keep your metabolism healthy by supporting healthy blood sugar levels. A 2013 study, and others since, found that people who consumed apple cider vinegar regularly had lower blood sugar levels. Blood sugar is an important factor when it comes to weight loss and metabolism. One study even found that consuming apple cider vinegar before a high-carb meal improved insulin sensitivity by 19-34 percent.


Finally, cinnamon is another natural substance that’s gained popularity for its supposed weight-loss benefits. But the fact of the matter is that all spicy foods can subtly boost metabolism. The difference is, of course, that cinnamon is easy to sprinkle into coffee or over your morning meal. Additionally, a study found that cinnamaldehyde, a chemical found in cinnamon, may help fat cells burn energy. While all spices are great for keeping your metabolism humming along, cinnamon may be the most palatable… and the most effective at doing so.

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