3 Great Reasons to Love Parsley

Parsley is often dismissed as just a garnish, but there are plenty of great reasons to love this unsung herbal hero!

It’s been a warm winter in a lot of places, but we’ve had a few weeks of below-freezing nights here in Atlanta. After a few light frosts, almost my entire garden is kaput. Since I thought everything was dead, I was neglecting my garden until last week when we had some warm weather, and I tromped back to check things out. I was shocked to see that, along with the collard plants, the parsley was still thriving.

Since this was surprising, I did a little bit of research about parsley. It turns out that there are a lot of reasons to love it!

1. You can grow it all winter long.

Parsley is one of the few herbs that can withstand winter temperatures, even a hard frost. It actually prefers cool weather, which explains why this plant looked so sad all summer. It survived the Georgia heat, but it was definitely not as beautiful as it is now that temperatures have dropped!

You can grow this herb all winter long!

Parsley, growing like gangbusters after a week of light frosts.

I am not what you’d describe as “a good gardener.” My harvests are pretty pathetic, even in temperate weather. If I can grow parsley during these chilly months, I’m pretty sure that anyone can do it. The only thing my plant has going for it is that it’s pretty established. We planted it in early spring, so the roots probably run deep at this point.

According to Botanical Interests, deep roots can make a difference during a frost. The ground temperature stays warmer than the air, so plants in the ground, especially ones with deep roots, tend to do better when it dips below freezing. They list only two herbs that can survive a frost: parsley and sorrel. Both can survive a hard frost.

That doesn’t mean you won’t have to cover them during the thick of winter, but it does mean they have a better shot if you’re like me and forget half the time.

2. It’s surprisingly healthy.

Have you heard that parsley can freshen your breath? There is actually not good evidence that this is true, but since it’s healthy and delicious, you may as well munch on some fresh parsley anyway.

You might not consider parsley the most exciting herb, but I encourage you to embrace it! Just one tablespoon contains 77 percent of your daily vitamin K needs. It also delivers six percent of your daily vitamin A and eight percent of your vitamin C requirements. Not too shabby for something that most people think of as plate decoration.


3. It’s delicious.

Parsley can be so much more than a garnish. If you’re not familiar with chimichurri, for example, you are in for a treat! Chimichurri is like a nut-free pesto, and the main ingredient is parsley. I like to use this citrusy sauce as a marinade for tofu, and it’s also nice as a party dip with pieces of crusty bread on the side.

If you want to have more parsley adventures, try Nava Atlas’s Parsley-Pecan Breadcrumbs, Louisa Shafia’s Green Rice, or Kristina Sloggett’s vegan Celery Ranch. You won’t be sorry!

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