3 Green Energy Bars You Can Feel Good About

Letís be honestónot all of us love spending hours in the kitchen on a beautiful Sunday, preparing tasty treats to enjoy throughout the week. While you may have pinned countless tasty-looking energy bar recipes on Pinterest, your baking sheet has yet to peek its head out from†the depths of your cupboard. But, you want to keep your environmental footprint light, even though you simply do not have the time to whip up Instagram-worthy homemade energy bars every week.

What do you do? Luckily, there are a handful of companies that exclusively use quality, real ingredients while upping the sustainability game. Check out these three good-natured energy bar brands:

ReGrained: Innovative, nutritious and sustainable, ReGrained is making food out of what is often disposed as†waste. Specifically, they harness waste from the beer brewing process in the way of spent grain. In reality, the grain is anything but spent. ReGrained recovers the high quality spent grain from local craft breweries and puts it in their energy bars. It†is still highly nutritious, being†high in protein (comparable with†almonds), high in†fiber (with three times more than oats) and low on the glycemic index.

When you think about it, spent grain seems like the perfect ingredient for an energy bar. ReGrained bars, filled†with spent grain, honey, almond, egg whites and flax, are a†nutritionally and sustainably unique addition to†the energy bar market.

Exo: If you haven’t heard about cricket protein bars, it’s time to hop on the wagon. Crickets are a powerhouse of nutrition and sustainability.†According to Exo, cricket flour has two times more protein content than beef, 2.2 times more iron than spinach and produces 100 times less greenhouse gases than cows. Crickets also take only one gallon of water to produce one pound of crickets, while cows require almost 2,000 gallons to produce one pound of beef.

Exo’s†bars are soy, dairy, grain and gluten-free. They are†a friend to both Paleo eaters as well as the environment. Each bar contains around 40 crickets. Donít worry, you canít taste or see them, the crickets are ground up into a nutty roasted flour. Satisfying†and slightly sweet, Exo bars are making crickets look and taste great.

Kitís Organic (CLIF Bar): CLIF, as a company, has been on the block for a while, but you canít deny their continuing†efforts in sustainability. Over the years, CLIF has reduced their packaging by 10 percent, switched to operate their trucks on biodiesel, set the bar†to get 50 of their supply chain facilities operating on 50 percent green energy by 2020, and are on the fast track to go completely Zero Waste at their headquarters and supply chain facilities. Even though their brand is already highly successful,†CLIF†is relentlessly†focused on recycling and developing more ways to†transition over to renewable energy.

The great thing about their†Kitís Organic bars†is that they are†made entirely with whole, organic foods (like dates, walnuts, unsweetened chocolate, almonds, sea salt and vanilla beans in the Dark Chocolate+Walnut bar). Plus, itís nice to see a snack at a gas station rest area that you’ll actually feel good about putting into your mouth.

While making your own bars at†home can be fun and may be the most environmentally-friendly option, these three energy bar companies are really upping the ante when it comes to store-bought energy bars. Give them a try if you’re on the run, and feel good about supporting brands that have you and the planet’s best interests in mind.


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