3 Incredible Benefits of Playing Old-School Board Games

Board games more than just some consumerist product invented by Parker Brothers in the 20th century. In fact, humans have been playing board games for millennia. The oldest known board game, Senet, was pictured on the wall in an ancient Egyptian tomb dating back to 3000 BCE. That’s over 5,000 years ago! And there are good reasons why people have continued to play board games all this time—they’re not only fun, but actually good for us!

So you know that pile of dusty board games in your closet? Now’s the time to gather some friends together and bring them back out! Here are three healthy reasons why you should bring weekly board games back into your life.

1. Connect with your loved ones—face to face.

As our friend and family time becomes more and more tech-reliant, there is a major reason we shouldn’t throw away those old school board games we all used to love. To put it simply, they allow us to spend real time just enjoying each other.

No drama, no finances, no tech.

Board games allow us to truly connect with our loved ones without pretense—or some pesky screen in our way. So, clock in some quality time over a board game. It’s a great excuse to unplug and put the tech away, have real conversations and enjoy a fun time together. That’s what friends are for, isn’t it?

Board games for the home. Yellow, green and red plastic chips and dice on Board games for children . Selective focus

2. Give your brain a workout.

Many games—like Scrabble, Cranium or Risk—actually come with major brain benefits. They present a great opportunity to flex your problem-solving skills, your strategizing and your quick thinking.

Training your brain and practicing these skills in a relaxed environment actually goes a long way towards making your noggin healthier and happier. In fact, playing board games regularly is even associated with reducing the risk of depression and cognitive decline.

Crack open an old classic, and you’ll be rebuilding those rusty neural connections and having fun at the same time! Actually, on that note…

3. They’re fun, and fun is good for your health!

When you’re having fun and laughing, your physical health seriously improves—no joke. Blood pressure lowers, endorphins get produced, the immune system gets a boost and stress levels go WAY down. It turns out, positivity, community, unplugging, and laughter are deeply nourishing to our overall well beings.

What are you waiting for? Ditch Words with Friends and host an old-school Scrabble night with all your real friends. Just don’t forget the glue that holds it all together—lots of chips and guacamole!

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