3 Simple Home Tips to Revamp Your Life

I remember how I felt about my last home before I sold it. I had been there for 25 years and every corner was perfect. I held my first Feng Shui seminars there and would take students around so that they could see how I had implemented the concepts I was teaching.

But the fact is my home had become static. Every piece of furniture, accessory and piece of art worked perfectly with the surrounding ones so I couldn’t move anything. It was all too perfect and after a few years of it remaining the same it felt static.

What I didn’t know then was that we  need to mix things up and move them around in our homes in order to bring in fresh new energy. In Feng Shui it is called chi.

Feng Shui teaches that we are all intimately connected to our surroundings and that by changing our living space, we can literally change how we feel physically. This in turn changes our outlook on life. Positive changes to our surroundings translate to positive changes in our lives.

The roots of Feng Shui come from Taoism which in it’s most simplified form teaches that everything is connected and affecting everything else it comes in contact with.

If we are feeling blocked in our lives, ofen changing our living space will get the creative juices flowing and suddenly we are able to gain perspective on things that have stumped us for ages.

I think most will agree that lots of clutter affects us negatively and/or  that being in a place that is dark and dingy and/or filled with broken or hand me down things- brings us down. These are the basic concepts of Western Feng Shui. They are simple, obvious and easy to apply.

Here are three simple things you can do today to freshen up your space. I am pretty sure you will instantly feel better, gain fresh perspectives on issues you feel blocked about, and get the creative juices flowing again!

1. Clear that one constant clutter area that always gets the better of you. It may be the place where all the mail lands, or your home office desk, or the stack of stuff next to the bed. Just tackle this one area today and see if it frees up energy to tackle the next one. (See the Anatomy of Clutter)

2. Move your pictures around and re-hang them, and find the most inspiring ones to put in the bedroom across from the bed. The last things you see at night and the first thing you see in the morning should be inspiring. This will work on the subconscious mind and begin moving your life in this direction. (See Tips to Freshen up a Tired Room)

3. Take a walk and look for inspiring objects in nature to bring home. It might be a bunch of  wild flowers, driftwood, star fish,  some interesting stones or lovely autumn leaves. Now take these treasures back and make an interesting arrangement of them, combining them with other beloved objects and  feature them in a prominent place in your home. Perhaps as a seasonal centerpiece for your dining room table. (See Bringing the Five Elements into the Home)

Just the act of finding natures treasures is a meditation and brings us into the present moment. Connecting with the earth connects us to ourselves. These earth treasures displayed will be a gentle, persistent reminder to help you feel connected to your true home.(See Love the Earth with Feng Shui)

Experience how these three easy-to-implement Feng Shui principles make a difference in how you feel in your living space!

Erica Sofrina is the Author of Small Changes, Dynamic Results!Feng Shui for the Western World, the Founder of the Academy of Feng Shui and teaches Feng Shui internationally.




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