30-Day Vegan Challenge Empowers Struggling New Vegans

Colleen Patrick-Goudreau, dubbed the “vegan Martha Stewart” and author of books such as The Joy of Vegan Baking and Color Me Vegan, embarks on a new project to elevate veganism to the public consciousness. “The 30-Day Vegan Challenge” is a multimedia online program incorporating daily tips about going vegan to participants so they may confidently make the change to a vegan lifestyle.

“The 30-Day Vegan Challenge is all about providing you with the tools and resources you need to live compassionately and healthfully,” says Patrick-Goudreau. “In my experience, when most people contemplate becoming vegan, they feel overwhelmed because it seems so unfamiliar and they don’t know where to start. Many who ‘try and fail,’ as they would call it, mistakenly conclude that being vegan is an ideal that only a disciplined few can attain.”

The 30-Day Vegan Challenge attempts to dispel that myth by showing that being vegan can be easy, more familiar than you think and permanent. It works by sending a daily email with a video, short written message, audio clip, menu suggestions and recipes. There’s also discussion groups for members to connect with each other about the program.

Topics such as “A Bevy of Breakfast Ideas,” “Discovering That There is Life After Cheese” and “Eating Confidently and Joyfully in Social Situations” promise to guide new vegans every step of the way through their journey. More experienced vegans can also benefit by receiving fresh ideas, relevant answers to frequent questions and new resources about veganism.

“I developed the 30-Day Challenge as a one-stop, comprehensive guide for adopting a healthy, compassionate lifestyle that’s better for your body, better for animals, and better for the planet,” said Patrick Goudreau. “I know this program will transform people, and I’m here to hold their hand through the transition process.”

The 30-Day Vegan Challenge is a great gift for those interested in a healthier lifestyle or ones who may be skeptical but willing to look into the facts about veganism. It can be given as a relatively inexpensive gift for the holidays or kept for yourself as a resource for healthy living at the start of the new year. “Whatever your motivation, eliminating animal products from your diet, even for 30 days, will reap many rewards and many benefits, some of which you may never have considered before,” said Patrick-Goudreau. “I know people change. I see it every single day. When the bar is raised, and people are given the tools and resources to feel empowered, they do change.”


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Written by Sarah Shultz for Diets in Review


Kathy Perez
Kathy Johnson4 years ago

thank you, I am considering becoming a vegan with a cheat day maybe.. I don't know if I want to give up meat entirely, but I would like my family to be healthier

Duane B.
.4 years ago

Thank you for sharing.

Fred Hoekstra
Fred H5 years ago

Thank you Brandi, for Sharing this!

shelby moe
shelby Mor5 years ago

It's mind blowing, the amount of information people believe without any kind of verification.
If those undercover videos were faked and pieced together, why is it now illegal in almost every state to film inside a slaughterhouse? If the meat industry had nothing to hide, they wouldn't care.

It's healthy, but it is 100% true, you have to know what you're doing. As far as the amino acids thing goes, it's been proven, you only need to get them all in the same day, not at the same time, that's just a lovely leftover from the 70's.

If that were true, I wouldn't be as muscular as I am now. I've never in my life had this much muscle.

I've been mostly vegan(I went back to vegetarian while I was abroad) since I was about 16. I'm 20 now, and I hardly get really sick. The last time I got anything that required a doctor was when I was 17 and managed to get scarlet fever.

When you eat a large variety of whole foods, it's healthy, and it's been proven time and time again.

Heidi Aubrey
Heidi A5 years ago

If you are attempting to go vegan. I will tell you 2 things you absolutely need to understand about your body and what it needs(not wants, but needs to function)

I can't stress this enough. YOU MUST BALANCE EACH MEAL SO ALL Essential AMINO ACIDS ARE PRESENT IN YOUR BODY AT THE SAME TIME. If not, your body, organs and muscle will waste away regardless of your weight. If you gain weight it will be fat only, no muscle at all will grow without following the above rule. Not a little here, then later, a little there. ALL PRESENT AT THE SAME TIME, in the body, necessarily so.

2. YOU MUST SUPPLEMENT with DHA. Something our bodies have evolved to get from animals(yes, we really are omnivores, or our biology would not be this way). There is nothing in the vegetable world that is equivlant to our body. Fortunately for you aspiring vegan, they have made a vegan supplement just for you. If you don't take this daily, you will literally lose your mind. Your brain is 30 percent DHA and needs it regualarly to maintain this percentage.

Carla van der Meer
Carla v5 years ago

I have to agree with some of the others here. Vegan/vegetarian lifestyles are not for everyone. I tried being veggie and ended up severely anemic, despite supplement. As for being vegan, I respect others for their choices but it isn't for me. I couldn't live without cheese and butter (i'm weak).

Heidi Aubrey
Heidi A5 years ago

I don't think veganism is a viable choice for most. Only for the very, very few who are ultra educated on the real, actual nutritional needs for humans and understanding human biology as it relates to food.

I for one as a young uneducated, adult, felt my heart strings pulled at the idea that a poor animal gave its life so I could eat. I went vegan. Yea!.......................not really yea. I was told "all you have to do is quit eating meat". Simple enough! Absolutely the worst and most severely damaging health advice I ever followed. For 8 months, my health tanked, I felt scatter brained and absent minded most of the time. I too, was always catching whatever virus was going around, freezing cold most of the time. Then, I simply started to eat meat again, it was poultry infact, at a Thanksgiving Day meal. Wow! I felt the life start to flow back into me. I was full, satisfied and warm thanks to the thermogenic affect of animal protein. I since have learned It was the absolute worst health advice I have ever followed. I have educated myself extensively on nutrition and am a biology major.

Veganism is possible, but not for most people. It is not something someone should just dive into head first.

Sheri P.
Sheri P5 years ago

seriously? you can find ANYTHING you need on the internet. why are people still scared of going vegan??????

Anne P.
Anne P5 years ago

Good luck to all the aspiring vegans out there! Doing a 30-day Vegan Challenge is a great way to see if veganism is right for you. Enjoy the challenge and happy ethical eating!

Richard T.
Richard T5 years ago