30 Days to a Greener You!

Earth Day reminds us all of the little things we can do to help save our precious planet. Now more than ever, many of us are making a conscious effort to incorporate earth-friendly practices into our everyday lives.

This Earth Day, April 22, Care2 has rounded up a month’s worth of great earthy ideas—30 Days to a Greener You. Gauge your eco-savvy-ness with quizzes; learn ways to make your home more green; try out some delicious vegan recipes; and learn how to make organic beauty products and earthy-friendly household cleaning products.

Rex Weyler, original director of Greenpeace and contributor to 30 Days to a Greener You encourages us to adopt “personal and social strategizes to ‘relocalize’ society.” We don’t need government mandates, tax incentives or super-heroes to make a difference, but rather “ordinary heroes and common decency.”

During these next 30 days, Care2 will be speaking to the ordinary hero in all of us. See below to get green parenting ideas and dating tips; learn how to go green when times are lean; and find recipes for meals, green beauty products, organic pet food and more.

Join us for 30 Days to a Greener You!

Quiz: How Eco-Savvy Are You?

How You Can Save the Planet

When it Comes to Beauty: It Ain’t Easy Being Green

9 Green Date Ideas

Family & Pets
Eco-Parenting in 8 Simple Steps
Protect and Care for Your Pet the Green Way
Curb Your Pet’s Carbon Pawprint

Food & Health
6 Steps to a Greener Diet
10 Frugally Green Workout Tips
The Benefits of Vegan Cuisine and Southwest Tempeh Chili Recipe
How to Go Vegan and a Shepherd’s Pie Recipe
Vegan Baking and a Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe

Giving a Gift? Increase Its Impact by Choosing Green

Improve the Quality of Your Water Without Costing the Planet
Want to Go Solar? Cut Your Energy Use First
When You Flush, Don’t Flush Our Planet
5 Simple Alternatives to Toxic Cleaning Products

How to Travel Green: Across the Neighborhood or Across the World

Make Your Office a Little Greener


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Have not had time to read all the links yet. However, I can tell by header points that they will pertinent to our healthy living (and also Mother Earth). Perhaps, if each of us claim on point in each category as our own, we could work wonders. Even dating - bet most of the points there would work with any friendship. Carpe Diem!

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