30 Ways to Keep Celebrating Earth Day (Even After It’s Over!)

On April 22, 1970, close to 50 years ago, millions of people took to the streets to protest the effects of industrial development on quality of life. At the time, smog, decline in biodiversity and the pollution of everything from air to drinking water were of utmost concern, in part due to frequent, unregulated use of heavy pesticides and other pollutants.

In response, President Nixon and the United States Congress created the Environmental Protection Agency and, subsequently, passed the Clean Water Act and Endangered Species Act — two efforts that have been instrumental in managing the human impacts of industrialized living.

Whether these policies will hold up is a different story. Today, the Trump Administration is still working on pulling the United States out of the landmark Paris climate agreement, while simultaneously rolling back a number of additional efforts such as the Obama-era Clean Power Plan. Does the idea of this get you heated? Here are 30 ways you can personally keep the spirit of Earth Day alive, even after April has passed!

30 Ways to Keep Celebrating Earth Day

1. Plant a tree.

2. Commit to shopping secondhand as much as possible.

3. Set up your recycling so it’s easy to use.

4. Start commuting by bike.

5. Go meat free.

6. Run a charity 5K.

7. Save scrap materials and create something new.

8. Go for a hike nearby.

9. Purchase a credit through a carbon offset program.

10. Build a birdhouse.


11. Recycle electronic waste (it’s the fastest growing waste stream in the world).

12. Host a clothes swap.

13. Set up a barrel for rainwater collection.

14. Don’t drive if you can reasonably walk there instead.

15. Install a low-flow shower head.

16. Fix broken things instead of tossing. Not skilled? Call in experts from Taskrabbit.

17. Get something growing — preferably perennials.

18. Volunteer your time with an eco club or state park.

19. Participate in a collaborative sharing service like yerdle, B-Cycle or Airbnb.

20. Watch this video.

solar energy

21. Take some pressure off the grid and go solar.

22. Build a vermicomposter like this one.

23. Plan a picnic.

24. Break your plastic bag habit and start using reusable totes (for real this time).

25. Create beneficial spaces for local wildlife.

26. Organize a small trash clean-up with friends.

27. Watch a documentary that interests you.

28. Plant one thing that can be eaten by your family. Herb garden anyone?

29. Turn off the lights and eat by candlelight instead.

30. Make a family pact to go greener!

Did you celebrate Earth Day back in 1970? What was it like? If not, how do you personally advocate for the planet?


Bobby M
Bobby M4 months ago

Everyone should do as many of these as possible. :)

Marie W
Marie W7 months ago

Thank you for sharing.

Louise R
Past Member 8 months ago

thanks for sharing

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Olivia M
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Lindsay K
Lindsay K10 months ago

Many thanks for sharing. May I suggest a couple more? Using soap nut shells for laundry, instead of washing powder/liquid. The (Nepalese) nut shells (available online) are 100% natural, and can be used 3 times and can then be composted. Secondly, we have milk delivered to our door and I now have it in glass bottles - more expensive, but I reckon I will save 120 plastic bottles a year. The bottles are washed and left outside the door for the milkman to collect. Thirdly, how about giving up shower gel/bubble bath and liquid soap in favour of bars/cakes of soap like we used to have. That will save a few plastic bottles. Fourthly, buying clothes that are made of natural fibres, but fewer of them, so we're not washing plastic fragments into the oceans.

Ann B
Ann B10 months ago

Fantastic tips..no fixers available here

JoAnn P
JoAnn Parisabout a year ago

Thank you for this very interesting article.

David C
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