33 Amazing Handmade Repurposed Chairs

I’ve been thinking a lot about furniture and interior design lately, as I just moved into my new place in Los Angeles two weeks ago. After careful consideration with my two roommates, we picked out a gorgeous brown sectional couch for our living room (vintage, of course) and it was brought in last week. It looks great, but it’s a little small for our huge space. No problem, though, as that motivated me to go on the hunt for the perfect complimenting chair.

Little did I know that I was about to fall down the rabbit hole of endless upcycled chairs. Pages and pages of gorgeous repurposed chairs by some amazing artists who know a heck of a lot more about upholstery than me. If you’re in the market for your own awesome chair – or if you just love looking at great design – read on to see our gallery of my fun finds! If none of these strike your fancy, know that this is just the surface. You can click on shop names to see the rest of what each designer has to offer, and be sure to strike out on your own Google search, especially if you have something specific in mind!

Stella upcycled chair from Bellish Limited.


Chrome Lloyd Loom art deco rocker by Vintage Renewal.


Rose velour chair by Kroepie.

Need something for your dining room or just a less fancy spot than the living room? Check out these adorable chairs from Clio the Muse.


Custom upcycled saucer chair in whatever color you desire from Neon Vintage Design.


If you’re looking for something fun for your office or kid’s room, you won’t want to miss this adorable upcycled old school desk from Nouvelle Vie Furniture.

Patchwork armchair with neon green burst from Name Design Studio.


A truly unique upcycled project from Glad Pad, this chair was found at a local thrift shop, sanded down, and given a unique sprucing up.


This paisley upcycled chair screams French ooh-la-la to me! And for under $200, it’s quite the steal. From Rusty Gold 73.

If, like me, you love loud, bright and, most of all, pink, then you probably can’t live without this floral upcycle from Glory B Design.


Get ready to show your UK pride with this gorgeous set of oak chairs from Faded Grey Furniture.


Bell Be Creations made this set of bright chairs that’s perfect for the kids or the kids-at-heart.

Bright and beautiful chair and ottoman set from The Crafty Pear.


“Earl,” from Kiki the Spunky Munky, is upcycled with vintage belts for a truly unique look.


An antique Louis XV arm chair gets the striped revamp from Upcycled Home.

This 1950s bouquet chair from Gypsy Recon has a fresh new color and awesome floral embellishments.


This Danish mod chair from Boltonk was upcycled using Boris Kroll fabric.


This gorgeous wooden chair from In Mimi’s Shoes has a new soy-based foam cushion.

Set of refurbished red wooden chairs from Jessica Allyn Designs.


Mid-century bucket swivel chair from Chez Boheme.


Custom suitcase chair, anyone? From World of Your Crafts.

“Lucia” wingback chair from Soul and Love Designs.


This retro, metal upcycled chair is perfect as a desk chair or just an accent to your room. From Mostly Madelines.


“Pink Taco” Bentwood chair from Gypsy Made NY.

French vintage armchair, upcycled by Omforme.


Adorable chevron upcycle by Hopscotch Road.


If you’re really, really into denim, this chair from Marley’s Modern Design just might be right up your alley.

A steal at $150, this upcycled chair from Sit Green was made using old signage.


Vintage Knechtel arm chair from Stephanie Jane Upcycle.


You gotta love this antique striped chair with extra flair on the bottom seat from My Funkie Junk.

If you like something classic and modern that doesn’t stray too far from the West Elm look of today, be prepared to fall in love with this chair from Welly’s Workshop.


Like the big, comfy armchair look but looking for something with more flair? This chair from Charlotte Duffy is my personal favorite of the group.


White linen wing back chair with gorgeous blue and green upcycled fabric from Refinery Furniture.



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Katy Jordan
Mary Jordan3 years ago

It isn't actually repurposing if they're still being used as chairs. Repurposing would be turning them into benches, shelves - anything but a chair. These are redone/upcycled/transformed (and most are beautiful) but not technically repurposed.

Vicky P.
Vicky P5 years ago

I like them :)

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Lynn L5 years ago

There are so many unique things that you can buy used &/or update them to make them "your own".
While alot of people use Ebay, I prefer Webstore.com because it accepts Google Wallet not just paypal , which many people have issues with.

Joy Mcronald
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Great recycling..

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Not my taste at all. But most of it would certainly brighten up a big cardbord box under a bridge.

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Loved them all but my very favorite one is:

The suitcase chair, I so want it ......

Thanks a bunch for this beauties

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