4 At-Home Exercises That Counteract Slouching

Everybody wants a perfect posture. But bad posture is unavoidable nowadays. We spend so many hours using computers and texting that our shoulders end up sticking forward and our backs round.

Even though there are different posture problems, slouching is the most common and most unpleasant. In fact, it has been linked to back pain, bad mood, breathing difficulties, fatigue and headaches.

Now, youíre probably wondering how sitting for long hours or texting causes slouching. Well, when you spend long hours with your neck sticking out and arms in front of you, the chest and shoulder muscles tighten while the back muscles weaken Ė these changes pull the shoulders forward and cause the neck to stick out in front.

Itís worth noting that slouching can also be caused by muscle imbalances. You might end up with rounded shoulders if you train chest and shoulder muscles but ignore the back muscles.

Luckily, there are exercises you can do to prevent slouching. Start doing them consistently and soon youíll regain your childhood posture.

Upper back foam rolling

Foam rolling is a great way to release muscle tension and correct slouching. Note that it may be painful the first time, but your body will adjust after a few sessions.

How to perform:

Lie flat on your back and place the foam roller under the upper back.

Place hands behind the head, bring heels close to the butt and then lift the butt off the floor.

Roll back until the foam roller gets at the middle of the back.

Rest the butt on the floor then lift it again and roll forward until the foam roller is a few inches below the neck.

Repeat this movement for 39 seconds.

Doorway stretches

This exercise will improve shoulder flexibility and open up the chest. Do doorway stretches every day to fix slouching fast.

How to perform:

Stand at the doorway and place one arm on the doorframe (at shoulder level).

Keep the arm bent and then step forward to stretch it. Hold the stretch for 20-30 seconds and then alternate hands.

Try to extend the stretch after each rep.

Alternatively, you can place both arms on the doorframe then step forward to stretch them.

Shoulder squeeze stretch

You can do this exercise anywhere. Try doing it every time you get up from your desk.

How to perform:

Stand upright, then clasp your hands behind you.

Keep the hands straight and then raise them as high as possible.

Breathe in deeply and try to extend the stretch after each breath.

Hold the stretch for 30 seconds then rest and repeat.

Shoulder dislocations

Donít let the name scare you, this is a great exercise. It does a great job loosening the shoulders and pulling them back. Use a broomstick, towel, bar or pipe to perform this exercise. Hereís how to perform it using a towel.

How to perform:

Grab a towel at both ends and keep your arms straight.

Slowly lift the towel until itís over the head, then until it hits back.

Then slowly reverse the movement to return to starting position.

Do at least 10 reps. And donít do the exercise too fast as it may cause injury.

Note that itís easier to perform this exercise if you hold a wide grip.


Which exercises do you do to prevent slouching?


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Good posture helps fight back pain. Thanks.

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Of course I had to stretch sitting in my chair reading this, thanks for that!

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Another move is to copy a desert cactus stance and move your arms backwards as far as they can go.

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I'm in law school and do a lot of crouching over books, so I'm always looking for ways to counteract the damage. Thanks for the info!

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